Attention Dresdenphiles! Only One More Week Until Peace Talks – Part 2 of 2

And now for something completely different: More Harry Dresden and Crew! 😀 What, you were expecting me to move on to another addictive series? Don’t worry. There’ll be plenty of time for that another day. Be afraid. Be very afraid. 😀  Okay, just kidding. While there are many series I love and will surely mention here and there, none has ever come close to this one. You’re safe from any future countdown posts. Probably. 😉

Before we begin with the last few Dresden images and memes I’d like to share, let me just toss out one interesting tidbit, for those who may not have realized this. Nowhere in any of the Dresden Files books is Harry ever mentioned wearing, taking off or putting on, or even so much as owning a hat. Nope. And in fact, in one instance, he adamantly states, “I don’t do hats.” Yet, because of the gorgeous cover work of Christian McGrath, I will never be able to imagine Harry going out to do his Wizard Thing without one. And I fully approve. 


More villains, including one of the few images I could find of John Marcone, or Gentleman Johnny, as he’s known. (Yeah, I know it’s not a great one, but he came with the set.) Lara Raith and Lasciel are just plain evil, and Harry’s Godmother, the Leanansidhe is creepy as hell, but a bit more complicated to understand.

This one is more the way I picture Marcone, who’s a wonderfully worthy adversary for Harry. Evil in all the right ways, but with a weakness that makes him less of a cardboard villain and far more interesting. 


Okay, Bob. Here you go. While I’ve  mentioned Bob the Skull before, I couldn’t possibly end our Countdown Posts without another image or two. He wouldn’t stand for it. (Get it? Stand? Oh, sometimes I crack myself up!) Here’s Bob at Harry’s house.

And here he is at mine.
And yes, I dress him up for the holidays, much to his dismay. 

Found a few more illustrations of Murph out there, and while they aren’t exactly how I picture her, they’re fun, so I’m sharing them, too.

I recently came across more images of Harry’s brother, Thomas Raith, as well, and am including them for your viewing pleasure. (Maybe it’s just me, but this guy is a real treat for the eyes. No wonder he’s a card-carrying member of the White Court. 😀 )

I have to admit, I’m a sucker for a pretty face, and for me, this is simply a perfect image of Thomas, just as I picture him. (That rarely happens).   I also admit, I have a soft spot in my heart for Thomas Raith, and since I can’t remember half of the plots in these books I read so long ago, I’m always in agony, wondering what will become of him. Arrggh.

While living with Harry, he became the offcial cook.
Note the t-shirt. 😀

I also decided to share a couple of scenes between Thomas and Harry as they are first getting to know each other. (Long story. You’ll have to read it. 😀 )

And now for a few more images of Dresden himself because, well–Harry!

A Graphic Novel.
(Sometimes I’m sorry I kinda outgrew comic books.)

Another “Fuego!” Moment.
(Big Time!)

The only McAnally’s Bar image I could find.
Not my favorite, but we can’t forget Mac!

Gonna Wrap Up with A Few
Funny or Profound Memes and  Quotes
Alert: May Contain Some Slightly Off Color Language!
(Nothing too dreadful, though.)

(Yeah, I know–pretty wordy for Mac.
That just goes to show you how much trouble
Harry was about take on.)

Murphy to Harry, About Harry & his Quest.
From Changes

Harry in Action

And finally, how this series will come to an end, if I get my wish!
Team Murphy, all the way!

Attention Dresdenphiles! Only ONE–Yes, I Said ONE–More Week Until #PeaceTalks Arrives! (PART 1 of 2)

Yep, you read right! Only one more week until the six-year Dresden Drought is OVER! Today is our last countdown post, which I’ve broken into two parts for ease of scrolling, and I decided to go with “And All The Rest.” Pictures, memes, miscellaneous characters, and whatever else I can find in my files that I haven’t already shared. Browse away, and I hope you see some things to make you ooh and aah, or at least smile a bit. Enjoy!


I’ve talked about Michael Carpenter before, but as you can see by this image, Michael hasn’t been the only Knight of the Cross featured in this series. There were three, Michael, Shiro, and Sanya. Not saying anything specific about Michael or Shiro right now. But this is the only representation I found of Sanya, the Russian knight, and I wanted to include him. He’s truly a fun and interesting character, and adds a lot to the later books.

I’ve also mentioned Harry’s friend, one-man-polka-band and medical examiner Waldo Butters, and I wanted to share a couple more images of Butters . He’s been fun since the beginning, but really comes into his own in Book #13, Ghost Story. You’ll love him and his determination to help Harry, even after his first glimpses of what’s “out there” terrified him. Zombies, anyone?

As White Council Wardens go, one of my very favorites is Carlos Ramirez. He’s vastly amusing, always ready for a fight …

and totally full of himself–but he’s also always there when needed. (Seen below with Molly Carpenter, Michael & Charity’s  somewhat
wayward daughter, and Dresden’s apprentice wizard.)

Here’s another rendition of Molly. As Harry’s Apprentice Wizard, she’s also known as  Grasshopper, Padawan, and several other Dresden-style nicknames.

One More Look at Molly as she’s described in later books. 

The White Council’s executioner, Morgan, is essentially an honorable man, but convinced that Harry is not, and determined to catch him using forbidden Black Magic. He’s been the bane of Harry’s existence for almost all of Harry’s life.

Once in a while Morgan almost succeeds in his desire to prove Harry guilty of breaking the Council’s most sacred laws. 


Toot-Toot the Fairy is an unforgettable little guy, tiny in stature, but big on courage, especially if there’s pizza being offered as a reward.

And I ask you, who other than Jim Butcher could make the three Billy Goats Gruff scary? (Maybe not up there with demons and Nicodemus, but still … Scary! 😀

I’ll wrap up Part 1 of today’s Countdown Post with this,
but I’ll be back in a bit with Part 2.



Hooray for SINGLE Digits! Only 9 More Weeks Until #PeaceTalks #DresdenFiles #HarryDresden #JimButcher

Harry and Thomas Ready to Do Battle With Fiends & Villains Everywhere!
(I believe this is another great piece done by Mika Blackfield)

Wizard Alert! Harry Dresden’s latest adventure is looming on the horizon! Yes, only 9 more weeks until the arrival of #PeaceTalks. That may seem like a long time, but after waiting more than SIX YEARS–did I mention that before?–a mere 9 weeks sounds like an instant. A long, drawn-out instant for sure, but still an instant. Everything is relative, after all. 😉

Cover of the Week

Another Chris McGrath Beauty

Last week, I promised to share a bit more about other characters in the Dresden books. I think I’ll start with one of my personal favorites, Bob the Skull. 


Bob resides on a bookshelf at Harry’s place, and gives out advice, liberally mixed with snarky comments. Of course, it isn’t really the skull, itself, chatting with (at?) Harry. It’s a vastly old spirit that has taken up residence in the empty cranium, as evidenced by the light glowing from the eye sockets. It can (and does) vacate the skull from time to time, swooshing out the door on errands for Harry, or whenever Harry rewards him by letting him visit places where he can read adult novels of dubious literary value.

Here are a few memes featuring Bob’s snarky (and often corny) comments and jokes.

And one more just for PURTY! (If you have a weird sense of what purty is!)

Those of you who are up to date on the series might be as worried about Bob’s welfare as I am, but I’m trusting Jim Butcher to right all wrongs and take good care of him for now. (Don’t make me come UP there, Jim!!)


Next week, we’ll focus on another of my favorite characters, Michael Carpenter. In the meantime, let’s let Harry have the last word:

Stay tuned, Folks and keep counting the weeks! And remember, when it doubt:

Pre-Order Peace Talks HERE

Pre-Order Battle Ground HERE

Countdown to #PeaceTalks – Only TEN More Weeks!

Still counting the days until Peace Talks is in my hot little hands! I know some of you are, as well, so I thought I’d share some pretty things today to make the time pass more quickly. 

Though my personal vision of Harry is the one I “met” with the very first book, as depicted by cover artist Chris McGrath, he’s by no means the only version floating all over the internet. Many artists have been inspired by these books, and I’m hoping none of them will be insulted by my sharing some of their work with you today. I will happily add attributions to each picture if I find them, but there are so many in so many places, tracking down each artist is pretty hard. That being said, I will also remove any pictures if asked to do so. Here are a few of my favorites for your viewing pleasure.

Can’t decide if he’s about to yell “Fuego!” or “Forzare!” in this one. But he looks like he means business, for sure.

Harry and Thomas (brothers with a troubled background,
given their very different natures.)

An interesting take.

And a wonderful montage by Mika Blackfield. 
From left to right, Billy, Butters, Murphy, Harry, Thomas,
Michael Carpenter,  and Molly Carpenter.
We’ll be talking about some of these other characters in the upcoming weeks. 

A Meme or Two For Your Amusement

And on that note, I’ll let you get back to your regularly scheduled programming. Just keep repeating: only 10 more weeks, only 10 more weeks, only 10 …………..

The Countdown to #PeaceTalks Continues! Only 11 More Weeks!

Me, basically. Except for, you know … the really skinny part!

Welp, back again, folks. Still counting the weeks until the release of Peace Talks. We’re down to eleven now, and before long, it’ll be SINGLE DIGITS! Woo and also Hoo! It’s getting closer every day, and I have big news to share with you! The cover for Battle Ground has now been revealed, too! (Thanks for the heads up, Jeanne!) And it’s a real winner. Honestly, I like it much better than the strange blue/pink/lavender wash on Peace Talks. This one just screams action and adventure, don’t you think?

Of course, at this stage of the game, I wouldn’t much care if the cover was blank, just as long as I can get my hands on the books. (Okay, that’s a bold and blatant lie. I LOVE cover art with a passion, especially Chris McGrath’s cover art, and double especially Chris McGrath’s Dresden Files cover art. But you get my drift.) Battle Ground will be available on September 29,  in case you want to go ahead and pre-order. I did. (Surprised?)

Fun Memes of the Day

Harry as a Much Younger Wizard
(Same cover artist: Chris McGrath; Same model: John Paul Pfeiffer)

Last week, we talked about Mouse, Harry’s Foo Dog. Foo dogs are a huge dog named for the Chinese guard “dogs” of old, which were actually statues of lions outside their temples. Not sure if “foos” are an accepted registered breed or not–topic for another day–but there ARE pictures of them online, and here are a few I found, along with this wonderful artist’s rendering of Harry and Mouse.

Don’t know about you, but whatever its origin and no matter what it’s called, one of these guys should deter just about any threat. 😀

To wrap up this week’s posts, I have a little gift for anyone interested. A 1920 x 1080 pixel desktop wallpaper I created, which will save at full size.  Enjoy! (NOTE: If this doesn’t save at full size, let me know and I’ll send you the file.)

I’ll see you next week as the countdown continues. We’ll be talking other Dresden Files characters and how they fit into Harry’s world, and featuring artwork by various folks who seem inspired by this series.  See you then.

A Word About Today’s Header Image #HarryDresden #TheDresdenFiles #JimButcher

For those who don’t know how much I love the Dresden Files series, let my current header be a small indication. I do. Or maybe I just love Harry Dresden. Either way, I have followed this series for years.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been beating myself up figuratively (the slam on the head was NOT intentional!) for the two-year delay between my last novel and my soon to be published one. Two years! Between hurricanes and other disruptions, it has taken me far too long to get this one done. But then I realized that it has been FIVE years since the last Dresden File book. Five. Years.  And the last one left us hanging about several issues that are of great importance to Dresden fans.

If any of you live near Jim Butcher, could you please go light a fire under him? Or smack him on the head with a rolled up newspaper? Or at least scowl in his general direction? I’d like to find out what happens next in the life of my favorite wizard while I still have wits enough to READ. Just sayin’ …

The good news about this is I feel a lot better about my two-year delay, and I’m going to TRY to give Jim Butcher the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he’s had hurricanes of one sort or another in his life, as well. I just hope he’s hard at work again, and that we really do get the next book very, very soon. I miss Harry!

In the meantime, the header above will have to do. 

Write on, Jim Butcher. Write on!