A Word About Today’s Header Image #HarryDresden #TheDresdenFiles #JimButcher

For those who don’t know how much I love the Dresden Files series, let my current header be a small indication. I do. Or maybe I just love Harry Dresden. Either way, I have followed this series for years.

Here’s the thing. I’ve been beating myself up figuratively (the slam on the head was NOT intentional!) for the two-year delay between my last novel and my soon to be published one. Two years! Between hurricanes and other disruptions, it has taken me far too long to get this one done. But then I realized that it has been FIVE years since the last Dresden File book. Five. Years.  And the last one left us hanging about several issues that are of great importance to Dresden fans.

If any of you live near Jim Butcher, could you please go light a fire under him? Or smack him on the head with a rolled up newspaper? Or at least scowl in his general direction? I’d like to find out what happens next in the life of my favorite wizard while I still have wits enough to READ. Just sayin’ …

The good news about this is I feel a lot better about my two-year delay, and I’m going to TRY to give Jim Butcher the benefit of the doubt. Perhaps he’s had hurricanes of one sort or another in his life, as well. I just hope he’s hard at work again, and that we really do get the next book very, very soon. I miss Harry!

In the meantime, the header above will have to do. 

Write on, Jim Butcher. Write on!

13 thoughts on “A Word About Today’s Header Image #HarryDresden #TheDresdenFiles #JimButcher

  1. I feel you. I hope he gets the next Dresden book out soon. I’m getting tired of waiting. I’m taking my time reading Brief Cases just so I can enjoy some newer Harry Dresden stories while I am waiting for the next novel.

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    • I’ve heard it’s due out in the spring, but I’m afraid to count on that. I’ve read all the anthologies and other stuff, too, except for the graphic novels. I’m not into those, I’m afraid. But now I’m thinking maybe I should start over from the beginning and be all caught up and refreshed. This is a series that started off pretty good but improved dramatically with each and every book. It might be fun to watch that happen again. But whether I do, or whether I don’t, I’m counting the days for the next installment. Nice to know I’m not alone. 😀

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  2. I hear you! It was two years between publishing Amanda in New Mexico and Amanda in Holland. I have a publisher but she has got very busy. Amanda in Malta is ready and she couldn´t publish it until fall 2021. Another two years. I don´t want to change publishers as I love working with her. We have come to a compromise and it will be published in the Spring of 2021. Which means I have until June 2020 to get it ready, polished and edited etc. Hopefully, I don´t encounter any hurricanes, head injuries, etc. in the meantime. Sigh.

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    • Good luck with all of that, Darlene! Whenever I think of how much work is involved with self-publishing, I remind myself that generally, I’m the only one to blame if things go awry. Or take too long. You are to be congratulated on your patience. 🙂

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    • Don’t know whether you mean Jim Butcher’s five-year-delay or my two-year one, but either way, I think it’s WAY too long. It’s not like either of us is writing the next Great American Novel, destined to alter the course of American history and/or culture forever. (Though I suspect Butcher is closer to that than I’ll ever be.)

      All I know is that working on the same book for two years has sucked a lot of the joy out of it for me, so I hope my story survives it. I prefer to sit down, start at the beginning and tell a tale straight through to the end, so a kajillion interruptions make me very unhappy. 😦 But I’ll soon wrap this up (HOW ABOUT YOU, MR. BUTCHER?) and will be able to move on to new stories and other characters I love and miss.

      Aaaah. Life will be good again! Probably. 😉


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