Welcome And Blog Rules



When I first started this blog, I intended it to be my own personal book blog. That lasted about three days, then I realized it wasn’t what I wanted to do at all. I wanted a blog where writers could share their work, their ideas, their questions, and their support. I changed the tagline to Writers Helping Writers, and that’s the direction the blog has been moving ever since.

This is a user-friendly place to talk to each other, make new friends, share resources, links, ideas, and excerpts. Contributors can originate new posts without going through me, whenever they have news or questions. Promote your work here to your heart’s content. New releases, book tours, interviews, sales…whatever is important to you at the moment. Everyone can comment on any post, of course, but to become a contributor, email me at mmeara@cfl.rr.com, and I’ll get you started.

This is meant to be a safe place, controversy free, so my only rules are these:
1. No politics here, please (even if your book is political, which is fine)
2. No overtly religious discussions. (This doesn’t mean you can’t say “Blessings” to someone. Just that we aren’t going down a road sure to be controversial for some.)
3. No overtly erotic excerpts, or X-rated titles, please. Sexy is fine, but let’s keep it within reason.
4. Mild swearing is allowed, but nothing hair-raising, please. (Asterisks will work if you are posting an excerpt containing strong language.)
5. Play nice. Respect each other.

Most of all, share. Tweet, reblog, post on Facebook, and otherwise share what’s posted here, everywhere you can. We’ll all do the same for you.

That’s about it! Thanks for visiting, and have fun!

6 thoughts on “Welcome And Blog Rules

  1. A place where writers can meet and talk is always good to me. Since I essentially write for children, I’m in a different position. Most indie authors write for adults so I don’t know if my little knowledge on the topic can help or not. Let me know!

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  2. Evelyne, I think every writer can add to this community. We writers are a diverse lot, but no matter our genres, we face many of the same problems. Resource sharing is going to be a real focus here. That includes articles or blogs on marketing, networking, social media tips, and things like blog tours, or guest blogging. There are tons of good things out there for us, like websites on easy ways to remember tricky grammar rules, and tips for developing plot structure. SO much we can share with each other when we find it. Plus, you have the opportunity to post news about your books here, and those posts will get more exposure because everyone here will be encouraged to pass the news along to their followers, and to tweet it and Facebook it, as well. And you will be encouraged to do the same for them, if they post a tidbit that ought to be shared.

    I have interviewed several children’s authors on Bookin’ It, and they are all welcome here, as well. Plus one of your books overlaps into the YA category, and we have those folks here, too. Aimee Easterling comes to mind, immediately.

    I would love to have you join us, and if you want to, I’ll send you an invitation that will set you up as an author, so you can do more than just respond to other people’s posts. You can initiate your own. When your new book goes on sale, post it here, and we’ll tweet it out for you. Sound good?


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