I’ll Be MIA for a Day or Two

My dental appointment resulted in some unexpected issues, including an extraction and bone graft, and I’m definitely not feeling well today. Between pain meds and . . . well, PAIN . . . I’m probably going to have to do some serious thinning of my latest emails later, as I won’t be able to keep up until I’m feeling better. Will get back to those I can handle as soon as I’m able. Thanks for understanding.

Sorry About Being MIA!

I know I haven’t been able to share as many of my favorite bloggers’ posts as I’d like over the last week or two, but I’m just in a drastic time crunch, here. Between finishing the END of my WIP, while simultaneously working with my editor on the beginning of it, and the plethora of doctor’s appointments and other commitments I have scheduled, I need at least 30 hours in a day to keep up. (I know many of you can identify with this.)

Lemon Shark recently shared a post called “Without Apologies,” wherein she addressed the guilt we heap on ourselves when we can’t keep up with our social media. Following her lead (almost, since I actually AM apologizing, here), I’ve been forced to empty my Inbox of the kajillion post alerts, and start fresh. I will try my best to read and share as much as possible, but please understand, I’m not quite on top of it all right now, as I usually strive to be.

The good news is, I’m almost at the finish line, and will be able to regroup then. I’m looking forward to catching  up with you guys, and resuming my goal of sharing your posts as far and wide as I can. It won’t be long now, honest!!

Thanks so much for not writing me off as a real slacker. 🙂 Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Oh, and have a great Freya’s Day.


I Did It, and Lived to Tell the Tale!


There are few things in my life that I dread more than dental work, and by dental work, I mean anything whatsoever that causes me to open the door to a dentist’s office, and go inside, unless I’m just selling magazine subscriptions or Avon products. (None of which I sell, btw.)

But alas, once in a great while, Fate decides to provide the entertainment for the rest of the Gods of Morpork and Ankh (I’m reading Terry Pratchett) and gives me a toothache. And not just any toothache, but one so bad that I had to see my regular dentist to be told after an hour’s work that the tooth beneath my crown is basically mush, but that he’s SURE he can save it. Why he wants to save mush is never fully explained, but an appointment with an endodontist is made immediately so I can have root canal “therapy.” You’d think anything with the word “therapy” in it would be soothing and pleasant, with soft music, and kind people handing you tissues as you spend long, cathartic minutes rehashing your misunderstood childhood, and leave feeling cleansed and capable.

Sadly, in root canal “therapy,” the closest you come to being soothed would be the Halcion tablets you’re given an hour before the procedure (which rather than soothe, render your fingers so fat you can’t type, much less walk a straight line across the room, while carrying a cup of Earl Grey), and forget pleasant altogether.  Pleasant is RIGHT OUT. Tissues are for spitting into, and the only thing cathartic about the process is when it ends and you get to tell the endodontist what you think of him, his forefathers, and the horse they rode in on, too, as you stumble out the door, still under the influence of the Halcion. It’s possible I was so deeply under that same influence, the doctor thinks I propositioned both him and that horse I mentioned. Speaking clearly at that point was no easier than navigating a straight line, so I can only wonder who or what might show up at my front door one Saturday night.

And the best news of all? I get to do this again two more times in rapid succession at my regular dentist’s office, while he puts in a post, core, and a new crown. Say? Isn’t he the one who started all this? I’ll have a few Halcion words for him, too. I’m working on them, already! 🙂

Happy Tewe’s Day Evening!


Hi, Folks!

Sorry I’ve been gone most of the day, but now that I’m home, I just want to say thanks to each new follower who signed up today. I hope you will pass the word to any of your friends who are writers, as well. I’m so looking forward to building a strong, USER-FRIENDLY community, here, where we can look for support, encouragement, advice, practical suggestions, and fun chitchat with others who know exactly what we writers…especially we new writers…are going through. I’m really excited about the potential.

Yes, I know this is not a new idea, and there are established boards and communities out there, but I have found some of them to be a bit intimidating, or difficult to navigate. I just wanted something with a lighter, friendlier feel, though I would certainly never discourage anyone from taking advantage of every resource available. But my aim for The Write Place is kind of like a corner bar for writers to meet up at the end of a long day. Only without the alcohol, of course. Well…I won’t have any, anyway. You guys are free to have a drink on your desk if you like. I’d just fall asleep. 🙂

I am open to ideas and suggestions as the blog evolves into something we can all enjoy and benefit from. I’ve already got a couple of people interested in doing guest blogs, and of course, until we have enough participants to keep us busy, I’ll be posting some of my own thoughts, and work, as well.

Anyone up for sharing an excerpt from a book you’ve published? (We’ll do WIP’s, too, eventually.) Or a poem or two you’d like others to read? Email me at mmeara@cfl.rr.com or comment here, and we’ll do it!

What an age we live in, where this type of thing is possible. Amazing, isn’t it?