14 thoughts on “Mail List Sign Up & Free Goodies

        • I couldn’t find any way to add that to the form. And in fact, I haven’t received any confirmation emails from them at all. I’ve never set this up before, so it might be something I missed. (You ARE on the list, though.) But that’s why I requested that you guys email me with your choices. (Plus I have to know where to send your download). 😀 Thanks!

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          • Just realized, the confirmation email goes directly to Mail Chimp, so they know it’s okay to put you on the list. It doesn’t do anything else that I’m aware of. So, let me know which book you want. I already have YOUR email, so you can tell me here, if you prefer. 🙂


          • I know your struggle lol. That’s why I never send out newsletters, lol, I’m so bad. I had Mailchimp set up to send out my blogs once a week. I don’t have the inclination right now to tangle with making new forms. But there must be a Youtube video somewhere with details? Have you thought about adding the sign up newsletter form in a widget on your side bar? That way people can join anytime when they see it. I find that many don’t or are unaware of the options on the top bar. Just a thought. 🙂

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            • I have no trouble sending OUT newsletters. I just send them as soon as I write them, using my list on Mail Chimp. Never a real problem. But I just took advantage of a free download for a signup myself, and I had to jump through all sorts of hoops to reach the signup page. This is easier, by far. My email is listed directly under the signup link. You click the link, fill in the info, submit it, the send me one email telling me which book you want, and I gift it to you directly from amazon. Only 2 steps for you. Fill out the form, send me an email. Easy.

              And guess what? I’ve had an email widget in the sidebar FOREVER, and no one ever saw it. I’ll just remind folks it’s now at the top of the page. The book I’m reading says you should have your own “landing page,” so you can list your books/giveaways on it, with photos, etc. So that’s what I made, now, and so far, it’s working well. (Mostly. I still don’t know which book you want. Are you keeping it a secret? Even from me? 😀 )

              Another reason I want it on my page is so that I can change out my freebies from time to time. I’ll just post reminders requesting folks to sign up, especially when I’m making a new offer. 🙂 Now about YOUR book?

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              • Thanks for sharing that Marcia. I’m going to look into my Mailchimp a little more now. 🙂 Oh, and I told you, but I guess it got lost in the kerfuffle, lol. I’d love Wake Robin 🙂

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                • It’s really not hard to send a basic newsletter out. Depends on which template you choose. I have one where I drag and drop pictures, and type my own message. Then I just send at once. (Now scheduling auto sends is something else. I’ll need to experiment with that to see how it works. Will let you know if I figure it out. But I don’t do auto mailings at this point, and may not do them later on, either. We’ll see.)

                  Okay, WRR it is! Heading off to take care of that right now. Watch for an email from Amazon with your download link. 🙂

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    • Right across the top of the page, Judith. BLACK MENU BAR right under photo header: Home, About, Mail List, Welcome, Member’s Social Media Links, Resources. Pick the one that says MAIL LIST – WIN FREE STUFF!
      😀 😀 😀 😀 Then sign up, and notify me via email which download you want, and it’s yours! 😀 Guess I’ll have to do a post to tell people where the Menu bar is. How have you guys been navigating the site? *scratching head, here*


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