Sorry About Being MIA!

I know I haven’t been able to share as many of my favorite bloggers’ posts as I’d like over the last week or two, but I’m just in a drastic time crunch, here. Between finishing the END of my WIP, while simultaneously working with my editor on the beginning of it, and the plethora of doctor’s appointments and other commitments I have scheduled, I need at least 30 hours in a day to keep up. (I know many of you can identify with this.)

Lemon Shark recently shared a post called “Without Apologies,” wherein she addressed the guilt we heap on ourselves when we can’t keep up with our social media. Following her lead (almost, since I actually AM apologizing, here), I’ve been forced to empty my Inbox of the kajillion post alerts, and start fresh. I will try my best to read and share as much as possible, but please understand, I’m not quite on top of it all right now, as I usually strive to be.

The good news is, I’m almost at the finish line, and will be able to regroup then. I’m looking forward to catching  up with you guys, and resuming my goal of sharing your posts as far and wide as I can. It won’t be long now, honest!!

Thanks so much for not writing me off as a real slacker. 🙂 Now, back to your regularly scheduled programming. Oh, and have a great Freya’s Day.


Check Out This Very Informative Post!


Marsha Ingrao has a super post on Making Your Blogging Great. If you’ve ever wondered about Alt tags and things of that nature (I sure have!), Marsha explains it all in language even I can understand, complete with screen captures. I never realized the importance of these, and I’m betting at least a few of you guys never thought about them, either. (Surely I’m not the ONLY one? 😯 ) Go here, and you’ll see what I mean:

Always Write:

You might follow her blog while there, too. I’m guessing there are plenty of other things to learn about. 🙂

Great Interview with our Friend, Deborah Jay


D. G. Kaye has a lovely interview with Deborah Jay that you really should check out. Both of these Debs are good friends of authors everywhere, and contribute to The Write Stuff on a regular basis, and now I’m planning a future trip to Scotland, for sure. (Be afraid, Deborah Jay. Be veeeerrrry afraid!) 😀

I’ve already downloaded my copy of The Prince’s Son. Very much looking forward to reading it!


TK8 Sticky Notes – #Sharing


My post yesterday on Goals made me realize (once again) that I’d be lost without my Sticky Notes on my desktop. Yeah, I know there’s one included with Windows, but it’s limited. I’ve tried several types, and my favorite by far is TK8 Sticky Notes.  There’s a free version, and a paid one. The free version is limited to five notes at a time, so after using it for a while, I upgraded. I love all the ways you can keep your notes and reminders handy, yet not necessarily covering your desktop at all times. (I like my pretty wallpapers. 😀 )

If you’re looking for an easy way to keep your ideas, memos, grocery lists, and random thoughts organized, give the free version a try, and see what you think. Lots of built-in flexibility, and very handy, indeed.

#Sharing #BookPromotion D. G. Kaye’s “MenoWhat? A Memoir”


Grab your copy of D. G. Kaye’s MenoWhat? A Memoir today! Why now? Because it’s on sale for $.99! It won’t get any better than this, folks. And you KNOW you want to read this one! Check out her post, and order your copy NOW. (I have an overwhelming desire to add “But wait! There’s MORE!” But I won’t. This is good enough all by itself!)

Go HERE to check  out Deb’s post with full details and commentary and reviews. Or go HERE to order direct from Amazon. And please share the news far and wide! Thanks!

Feelin’ The Love Today!


This is one of those mornings when you wake up to find lovely things in your Inbox. Nothing makes my cuppa Earl Grey go down better, I have to confess. First, I found my entire  Wake-Robin Ridge series was displayed today on Sally Cronin’s Summer Reading Blog feature. Wow! Such a nice thing to see! Thank you, Sally. To read (and mostly, to share far and wide, pleeze?) you can go HERE.

Then I discovered my latest book, Harbinger, was being featured on Rosie Amber’s blog as a #TuesdayBookBlog post, and with a 5-star review, no less. THANK YOU, Rosie! To see, and hopefully share, what Rosie thinks of Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3, go HERE.

This is the kind of thing that makes the LOOONG hours worthwhile. Just knowing there are some readers who enjoy my stories makes me happy I finally decided to give writing a go. And belonging to our caring and supportive community of writer and bloggers is the icing on the cake.

Color me happy . . . as a clam! 🙂

A Word (or two) On Sharing


How About We Share?

We’ve grown so fast that many new followers may not be aware of the purpose of this blog, and many older ones might need to be reminded. Think of The Write Stuff as the corner pub or the Algonquin round table, only MUUUUCH bigger. This is where writers touch base with other writers, to share news and resources, ask questions, and offer encouragement. It’s YOUR blog, as much as mine.

To make it easier, here’s a list of some of the things you are encouraged to share here:

  1. New releases
  2. Promotions and sales
  3. Guest posts/interviews on other blogs
  4. New websites you’ve found that are helpful to writers
  5. Ideas/tips for self-marketing, especially if you’ve tried & have results to pass along
  6. Reviews (now and then) that you are really proud of, especially if they are in conjunction with a promo
  7. Publications/websites you think others will enjoy or learn from
  8. Events you’ve attended and might recommend to others in the future
  9. Ideas for building readership, both online and locally
  10. Pretty much anything you think would be of interest or helpful to other writers

This list might not be all-inclusive, because things might come up that I haven’t even considered before. But it will give you some ideas of the kinds of things you can share here, and that others will be glad to pass along for you. Everyone should remember to share your posts with the Immediate World, in the knowledge that they will receive the same sharing for their own posts.

My only rules for posting are these: no politics, no religion, and nothing overtly erotic. Sexy is fine. You know the difference, I’m sure, and if you don’t, I’ll remind you. Nicely, of course.  🙂

Now. That’s easy enough, right? So we expect to see more of you posting in the days ahead. If you are already an author/contributor, you can post at will. If you aren’t, email me, and I’ll help you. 

Let’s learn from each other, grow together as we master our craft, point each other toward books & sites that will teach us new things, and  help each other get the word out!

GO, us!!  😀