13 thoughts on “And Speaking of my First Novel . . .

    • What makes it really odd is that wake-robins don’t grow down here. Maybe the person who laid out the streets was from the mountains? Or at least, a good bit farther north than central Florida. 😀


  1. It happens to me as well. My novel ‘Quarter Acre Block’, inspired by my family’s emigration to Australia, features a fictional suburb called Glendale; in real life we lived in Cloverdale, there was a Kewdale etc. a couple of years after I wrote the book we were on holiday on the Isle of Skye and came across a village called Glendale. In my ‘Brief Encounters’ trilogy the rambling farmhouse that is the centre of life for the characters is called Holly Tree Farm, not that original a name, but last weekend we found ourselves at ‘Holly Tree Farm’ – this one was 250 miles away from my imagined one and was a play barn for a children’s party…. I wonder how many authors bump into their characters….

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    • OH, I don’t think I want to bump into any of my characters! Eeeep. Well, okay. Maybe Gunnar Wolfe. And now that I think about it, I wouldn’t mind meeting MacKenzie Cole, Hunter Painter, Forrest Painter, or Jackson Painter, either. But if I ever come across Lloyd Carter or Cadey Hagen, I’m running awaaaaay! 😀

      There is a Glendale, California you can add to your list, btw. For me, I’m sure there are other little towns called Riverbend. Probably. But I’m less sure there is a mountain called Wake-Robin Ridge. At least, not in North Carolina. I looked pretty hard for that, before deciding on the name, so I hope it’s the one and only.

      *going off now, worrying that the characters I create might show up in my real life somewhere* 😯

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