#InspirationBoardSunday – Books and Christmas

santa_claus_wallpaper_5fc04HO, HO, HO!

At my house, Christmas is a big deal. No, I mean a really big deal. I am, shall we say, a bit over the top about the whole  Christmas season. I love the Christmas story and all the traditions, from the Star and the Wise Men, to the tinsel and holly–including, but not necessarily limited to, the music, the colors, the lights, the trees, and Santa Claus. (More on him, shortly). I don’t even mind the commercial aspect much, because I believe at the heart of it, there is a real generosity of spirit and love. This might be naïve, but don’t try to talk me out of it. I believe it anyway–people looking for just the right gift to light up the faces of children on Christmas morning, or to bring a sparkle to the eye of a husband, wife, or friend. And underneath it all lies a desire to make others happy.

Books for Christmas Would Make ME Happy!
(Note: This is NOT my tree. Just an idea I love.)

Christmas inspires me, not only during the season of giving, but all year long, and I try to keep the spirit alive in my heart long after I’ve put the ornaments and wrapping paper away. Oh, and the Santas. Did I mention them? A lifetime of collecting them has added up to more than 300, in every costume, from every era and country. From my six foot all Coca-Cola display Santa to a tiny 1/2″ tall miniature, I love them all!  And at my house, a Santa hat makes you an official Santa’s helper, even if it looks a wee bit odd to folks who stop by.


Take Bob the Skull. Bob resides on my Dresden Files bookshelf all year long, keeping an eye on things, and reminding me why writers like Jim Butcher inspire me to jump in the Author’s Pond and swim with the big fish. (Okay, so I’m paddling around in the adjacent wading pool. I can still SEE the big fish, and aspire to be like them.) At Christmas time, Bob dons his jaunty Santa hat, and makes eyes at his girlfriend, Boberta, who lives on a bookshelf across the room. She makes eyes back.

Boberta, Who Thinks Bob is ALL That!

*Ahem* In summation, I just want to say that if you look past the ANG (Annoying New Gadget) commercials and the 3,000 times you’ve had to listen to The Little Drummer Boy, Christmas is still Christmas. A time for love and giving, family and friends, and if we’re very, very, very lucky–someday–Peace on Earth, Good Will to All.  And THAT inspires me every day of the year.

img_1429Even my Computer and Desk Get in on the Act!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!

32 thoughts on “#InspirationBoardSunday – Books and Christmas

        • But, but . . . one is so LIMITING! 😀 How would I be able to have a tree that’s all the colors of my childhood trees, and one thats all blue, silver and white? And what about my two smaller Santa Claus trees, in the kitchen and guest bath? And don’t forget my Wizard of Oz tree. I NEEEED those trees. Inspiration, you know. 🙂

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            • Oh, it isn’t about how it looks at all. In fact, as far as I know, not one soul will see a bit of it this year. It’s all about how it makes me FEEL, which is good. Happy. Inspired. Like a kid again. And for me, it’s worth every long hour of putting it out, and packing it away again, after New Year’s. No, it’s not for everyone, but I did say I was “over the top” about Christmas. I’m all for whatever anyone else wants to do, or not do, for themselves, but I plan to keep on decorating like a thing possessed as long as I can. Soon enough, I won’t have the energy for it, and my collections will get passed on to my grandchildren. For now, it’s still a go!

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  1. That’s my take on Christmas too, Marcia 🙂 And I love the book tree! Wish i had room for one like that but there’s only room for one proper tree. I do like my little twiggy table top one though 🙂 A very happy Christmas to you and yours x

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    • That book tree is majorly cool, isn’t it? And this is the first house we’ve ever lived in with enough room for more than one tree, too. Except for wee little ones. I always wanted to have a second big one in blues and silvers, and since my beachy living room is in teal and white, I set a second tree up in there as soon as we moved in. Red, greens, golds, multi in the family room/library. Blue, silver, white, snowy in the living room. And a happy granny enjoying it all! 🙂

      Merry Christmas to you, too, Cathy.

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    • Give your daughter time. One day, you have a couple dozen Santas, and the next thing you know, you have 300! (They’re like coat hangers . . . they multiply in the closet!! 😀 ) I love Bob and Boberta, too. They keep me company every day, and they quite love dressing up for Halloween and Christmas. 😀


      • Ooh! You should have a thing. Next year, you should get people to build book trees (small, large, whatever) and post them on their blog or social media. 🙂 (And, yeah, Bob is just all sorts of awesome. Especially because you named him. I would have.)

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        • Oh, no. I’m afraid I didn’t name Bob the Skull. He is a major character in Jim Butcher’s series, the Dresden Files. In fact, he’s one of my favorite characters,ever. When I saw the Halloween skull on sale a couple years ago, I bought it, added the orange highlights in his eyes that are described in the books, and Voila! My very own Bob the Skull. He’s been with me ever since, right on the shelf with all my Dresden files books. 😀

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            • What? No way! Just because you haven’t (YET) read the fantastic Dresden Files books doesn’t make you uncool! I won’t hear of it. You’re here, you’re sharing all the time, you’re taking part, you write–therefore, you’re cool!! 😀 And when you DO start reading about the world’s greatest GROWN UP wizard named Harry, you’ll meet Bob the Skull, and know why I love him so much. 😀

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  2. 300 Santas?!?!? That’s mind-boggling, Marcia, LOL!
    I love Christmas, too. It’s my favorite holiday and for many of the same reasons you mentioned. Actually, the whole month of December is just one big festive joy to me. I love the spirit in the air and the friendly hustle-bustle even when out and about. Merry Christmas to you and yours!

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