Attention Dresdenphiles: Only TWO More Weeks Until #PeaceTalks – Heeeere’s HARRY!

We are really getting down to the wire, so I thought this might be a good time to focus on the star of the Dresden Files, namely, Harry Blackstone Copperfield Dresden, himself. So, here are some of my favorite Harry pictures and memes for you to enjoy, all in one handy place at the same time. 😀 Let’s call this indulgence “I’m Just Wild About Harry,” shall we? 😀 

I’m gonna get the show rolling with one of my very favorite pictures of Harry, taken right from the cover of Welcome to the Jungle #2, cover design by the fabulous Christian McGrath, with cover model  John Paul Pfeiffer.

Though this my personal favorite version of Harry Dresden, there are a lot of other representations out there. Out of all the rest, my favorite takes on Harry are paintings by Mika Blackfield, such as this next one. Therefore, art by McGrath and Blackfield are the images I’ll be focusing on, with a few interesting exceptions. And, surprise! I’m going to let the pictures do most of the talking today. 

Notice that in this one, Harry seems to be enjoying
some very interesting reading material.

Errrmmm…The Butcher Files?? 

Now how about a few action scenes just to mix things up a bit?

And Last, a Few Chuckles Before You Go

And that’s my offering of visual treats for today. Hope you enjoyed taking a look at some of the art that this series has spawned. And guess what? Next Tuesday will be the last countdown post BEFORE the release of Peace Talks the following week. Can you believe the end is almost here? Why it seems like no time at all since I started these posts to pass the time until I could get my hands on a copy of Peace Talks, yet here it is. Almost upon us! Woohooo! See you guys next week! 🙂 


Another Week Bites the Dust (“And another one gone, and another one gone!”) Are you Ready, Dresdenphiles? THREE More Weeks!

I apologize for being late with this post today. You can imagine how crazy my week has been for this to happen, but here it is, ready or not!

Only THREE more weeks until the arrival of Peace Talks, and today, I want to share some of the amazing merchandise this series has spawned. We should all be so lucky as to have some of these things on store shelves for our own books! What things, you ask? Well, let’s take a look.

How About a new Cover for Your Cell Phone?

It this one doesn’t appeal, you can find many other options out there.
I’m partial to this one!

And as you might imagine, t-shirts abound.
Possibly by the hundreds. Here are a few I liked.

And on, and on, and on. 

Now you’d expect t-shirts for sure, but how about jewelry?
Anybody brave enough to wear the coin of a
Blackened Denarius around their neck?

Or on their cuffs?
(Not meeeee. I know too much!)

Other options abound, though.
How about your very own shield bracelet?
I think I could go for one of these.

Or maybe a key fob with a pentacle just like
the one Harry wears around his neck?

If jewelry’s not your thing, perhaps a blanket?

A spiral notebook or two?

Posters? Decals? Mugs? Plaques?

Into Games?

Raising a Little Dresdenphile at Home?

Or Maybe You Like Coloring for Stress Relief? 
(Lots of these pages out there!)

Collect Action Figures?

Or Prefer More Realistic (Read: Expensive) Art?

So, as you can see from this array of photos, pretty much any type of Dresden Files collectible you’d enjoy is out there. I found many of these items for sale on a site called Redbubble in case you want to check it out, yourself. You can even get face masks there, should you want the whole world to know who’s really defending you against errant viruses of all types.

And because this post is so crammed full of images, I’m only going to leave you with one meme for the day–but it’s a good one. 

And now that I’ve boggled your mind with all the merchandising this series has inspired, and maybe encouraged you to pick up an item or two  for your own bookshelves, I’m outta here! 

Okay, ONE more for you devoted fans of Bob the Skull, like me!
Yes, you can actually purchase one of these for yourself. 
(I’m sooo tempted, except that honestly,
Bob doesn’t really have all the glyphs and things,
so I’m resisting.)

And now I’m outta here! (For sure, this time!)

Roll on, July 14, roll on!

#TwoferTuesday No. 1 – The Countdown Continues – 13 More Weeks!

As promised, a bit more in celebration and anticipation of the upcoming release of Peace Talks, the 16th book in the Dresden Files series by Jim Butcher. Only 13 more weeks to go! 


 All of the fabulous covers for this series were done by my favorite cover artist, Chris McGrath. Chris does some of the best fantasy covers out there, and his model for Harry Dresden (John Paul Pfeiffer) is on many of them, including Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series, D. B. Jackson’s Thieftaker series, and more. John Paul is also the face I imagined for my own male “lead” in my Wake-Robin Ridge series. (I can dream, can’t I?) You can see more of Chris McGrath’s work HERE.


Which of these answers is correct?
Harry Dresden lives with three pet animals:
His dog, Mister
His cat, Mouse
His parrot, Beelzebub

(Note: Sorry, no prizes for this one. Just a fun way to see who’s been paying attention, who hasn’t, and who really doesn’t give a flip. 😀  Feel free to answer in the comments.)

And that’s it for today’s Countdown Post. I’ll be back next Tuesday with a few more images and tidbits for your browsing amusement. (And mine. Okay, mostly mine, probably. 😀 )


#InspirationBoardSunday – Books and Christmas

santa_claus_wallpaper_5fc04HO, HO, HO!

At my house, Christmas is a big deal. No, I mean a really big deal. I am, shall we say, a bit over the top about the whole  Christmas season. I love the Christmas story and all the traditions, from the Star and the Wise Men, to the tinsel and holly–including, but not necessarily limited to, the music, the colors, the lights, the trees, and Santa Claus. (More on him, shortly). I don’t even mind the commercial aspect much, because I believe at the heart of it, there is a real generosity of spirit and love. This might be naïve, but don’t try to talk me out of it. I believe it anyway–people looking for just the right gift to light up the faces of children on Christmas morning, or to bring a sparkle to the eye of a husband, wife, or friend. And underneath it all lies a desire to make others happy.

Books for Christmas Would Make ME Happy!
(Note: This is NOT my tree. Just an idea I love.)

Christmas inspires me, not only during the season of giving, but all year long, and I try to keep the spirit alive in my heart long after I’ve put the ornaments and wrapping paper away. Oh, and the Santas. Did I mention them? A lifetime of collecting them has added up to more than 300, in every costume, from every era and country. From my six foot all Coca-Cola display Santa to a tiny 1/2″ tall miniature, I love them all!  And at my house, a Santa hat makes you an official Santa’s helper, even if it looks a wee bit odd to folks who stop by.


Take Bob the Skull. Bob resides on my Dresden Files bookshelf all year long, keeping an eye on things, and reminding me why writers like Jim Butcher inspire me to jump in the Author’s Pond and swim with the big fish. (Okay, so I’m paddling around in the adjacent wading pool. I can still SEE the big fish, and aspire to be like them.) At Christmas time, Bob dons his jaunty Santa hat, and makes eyes at his girlfriend, Boberta, who lives on a bookshelf across the room. She makes eyes back.

Boberta, Who Thinks Bob is ALL That!

*Ahem* In summation, I just want to say that if you look past the ANG (Annoying New Gadget) commercials and the 3,000 times you’ve had to listen to The Little Drummer Boy, Christmas is still Christmas. A time for love and giving, family and friends, and if we’re very, very, very lucky–someday–Peace on Earth, Good Will to All.  And THAT inspires me every day of the year.

img_1429Even my Computer and Desk Get in on the Act!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!