#InspirationBoardSunday – Books and Christmas

santa_claus_wallpaper_5fc04HO, HO, HO!

At my house, Christmas is a big deal. No, I mean a really big deal. I am, shall we say, a bit over the top about the whole  Christmas season. I love the Christmas story and all the traditions, from the Star and the Wise Men, to the tinsel and holly–including, but not necessarily limited to, the music, the colors, the lights, the trees, and Santa Claus. (More on him, shortly). I don’t even mind the commercial aspect much, because I believe at the heart of it, there is a real generosity of spirit and love. This might be naïve, but don’t try to talk me out of it. I believe it anyway–people looking for just the right gift to light up the faces of children on Christmas morning, or to bring a sparkle to the eye of a husband, wife, or friend. And underneath it all lies a desire to make others happy.

Books for Christmas Would Make ME Happy!
(Note: This is NOT my tree. Just an idea I love.)

Christmas inspires me, not only during the season of giving, but all year long, and I try to keep the spirit alive in my heart long after I’ve put the ornaments and wrapping paper away. Oh, and the Santas. Did I mention them? A lifetime of collecting them has added up to more than 300, in every costume, from every era and country. From my six foot all Coca-Cola display Santa to a tiny 1/2″ tall miniature, I love them all!  And at my house, a Santa hat makes you an official Santa’s helper, even if it looks a wee bit odd to folks who stop by.


Take Bob the Skull. Bob resides on my Dresden Files bookshelf all year long, keeping an eye on things, and reminding me why writers like Jim Butcher inspire me to jump in the Author’s Pond and swim with the big fish. (Okay, so I’m paddling around in the adjacent wading pool. I can still SEE the big fish, and aspire to be like them.) At Christmas time, Bob dons his jaunty Santa hat, and makes eyes at his girlfriend, Boberta, who lives on a bookshelf across the room. She makes eyes back.

Boberta, Who Thinks Bob is ALL That!

*Ahem* In summation, I just want to say that if you look past the ANG (Annoying New Gadget) commercials and the 3,000 times you’ve had to listen to The Little Drummer Boy, Christmas is still Christmas. A time for love and giving, family and friends, and if we’re very, very, very lucky–someday–Peace on Earth, Good Will to All.  And THAT inspires me every day of the year.

img_1429Even my Computer and Desk Get in on the Act!

Merry Christmas, Everyone!