17 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile

    • One of my very favorite Dresden Files characters, and I have to admit, I’m not happy with him being separated from Harry right now. I sincerely hope that changes in the next book. Heck, I just hope I LIVE long enough to SEE the next book. I am seriously considering tracking Jim Butcher down and berating him soundly for making his fans wait this long! 😡

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        • Amen, and amen! One of the saddest things I ever read was when they burned down Harry’s apartment, and he lost all his stuff in the basement, like the scale model of Chicago. I swear, I cried. And having Mouse and Bob and Mister all scattered makes me very sad.

          Have you read Butcher’s other work? We’ve been waiting on Harry’s return so long, I read his entire Codex Alera fantasy series, and the first book of his new, steampunkish series, The Aeronaut’s Windlass. I loved Codex, and thought Windlass was a really promising book. But there’s nothing like Harry Dresden. Noth. Ing. 😀 😀 😀

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          • Yeah, I was sad when his apartment burned, too. I almost couldn’t believe it happened. I haven’t had a chance to check out Butcher’s other books yet, but I do have a couple of the Codex books on my shelf, waiting for me to get them.

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            • Jim Butcher is a cruel, cruel man! 😀 And then there was the scene on the boat that left us all hanging forever. ARRRGGGHHHHHH. I really loved Skin Game, though, and I’m eager for what’s next. But I’m growing older and older waiting on it.

              The Codex Alera books were the first actual fantasy books I’d ever read. I’d always preferred my monsters and supes hiding in plain sight here on earth. 🙂 I really enjoyed Codex, and have since discovered I quite like epic fantasy, in general.

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              • I’ve been reading Fantasy books since I was little. Anne McCaffrey’s Dragonriders of Pern and Terry Brook’s early Shannara books were some of my first Fantasy books, I think, and not long after I think I read Tolkein and started reading Dragonlance and Forgotten Realms. I started reading Dresden Files I think about the time the TV series came out.

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                • Oh, don’t get me started on the casting for that TV show. I was so excited to see that there had been one, after I got hooked on the books, and was going to track it down to watch. Until I saw the guy playing Dresden. I don’t care if he’s the best actor on the planet, not one thing about him looked like JB described Harry. Of course, I’m spoiled because I think cover model John Paul Pfeiffer is the ONLY face I’ll ever accept as Harry’s, and hope HE can live long enough to finish the series. Butcher says he has FIVE more books coming, but I swear, at the rate they are arriving, we’ll ALL be in Old Age Homes, first.

                  I’m slowly working my way through the fantasy genre, some new, some like Robin Hobb’s Fitz & the Fool books, a bit older. Haven’t gone all the way back to earlier stuff yet. I’ll get there, eventually, I’m sure. 🙂

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                • Yeah, I was somewhat disappointed with the show. I’d have thought it would have been done better, consider Nicholas Cage was involved with it and he’s a fan of the Dresden Files. I didn’t mind Paul Blackstone so much in the role of Harry, but the one thing that really irked me the most about the show was the use of the hockey stick. I was like, WTH? I really do wish JB would release the books a little faster, but I do understand with him having multiple series going. Enjoy your journey through the fantasy novels 🙂

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                • It’s just that I know exactly what Harry looks like. Jim Butcher has told me, many times. Six foot five, jet black hair, and a fair amount of it, lean, wide shouldered, and a face that I see exactly as it’s portrayed on the cover of his books. Paul Blackthorne fits none of that. And several other characters are nothing like in the books, either. I seldom like how books are cast, or the changes in the stories, and I knew at a glance I could never accept that man as Harry Dresden. Nope. Wasn’t gonna happen. (It was ALMOST as bad as casting Tom Cruise as Jack Reacher. Not quite. But almost.) 😯

                  I really am enjoying a lot of fantasy right now, when I have time to read at all. Which is NEVER as much as I’d like. Thanks for such a great conversation! And long live Bob the Skull. (IF you’ve seen any of my Christmas pics on here, you know I have my own BtS living on my library shelves, and he ALWAYS wears a Santa hat at Christmas. 😀 )

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