Just Up: This Week’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Eastern Coral Snake


Just finished posting about a beautiful little creature I really wanted to share with folks. In addition to some misinformation that needed to be cleared up, the post will tell you the easiest way to immediately tell a coral snake apart from the two harmless mimics that share its habitat. Check it out, if you have time! Hope you’ll enjoy the post,  learn something new, and will pass it along. Thanks!

To see #NotesFromTheRiver – Eastern Coral Snake, go HERE.

10 thoughts on “Just Up: This Week’s #NotesFromTheRiver – Eastern Coral Snake

    • And that’s a perfectly acceptable attitude, Cathy. Respect is the most important thing. They have a job to do, and they do it well, and they TRY very hard to do it without coming into contact with us. 🙂 Those brilliant colors are a “Don’t touch me” warning, like many dangerous animals wear. Personally, I would never handle one, and I know a fair amount about them. But keeping one’s distance is the best (safest) way to go, and the shovel bashing is really sad. Glad you enjoyed the post, and can see the beauty of coral snakes, even if you want the safety of glass between you and them. 🙂

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  1. I’m not much of a snake lover, must admit Marsh, but I thank you for sharing the dangerous and the not so dangerous varieties. I hope not to encounter any, but you never know since I’ll soon be in Florida, and then Arizona – 2 places that snakes do inhabit. 🙂

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    • Snakes inhabit every state in the union, Deb. 😀 But coral snakes are limited in their range. Sadly for you, the eastern one is common in Florida, and the western one is common in Arizona. 😯 Luckily for you, they are NOT commonly seen, being as secretive as I described. So don’t stick your hands under any logs or into piles of leaf debris, and you’ll probably never, ever encounter one. 😀

      Truly, I wish more people understood some of the incredible adaptations they’ve developed to cope with life without legs. They are little marvels, and very beautiful and graceful, too. But at least if you know how to tell a coral snake from a scarlet kingsnake, you’re ahead of the game. 😀

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