Correction to the #NotesFromTheRiver – That OId Coot Post!

American coot (Fulica Americana)
Photo by Doug Little

So sorry, folks! I must have been in a Stupid yesterday, which is a lot like a stupor, only with a bad case of DUMB added in. 😯 I totally forgot to include the range map of the American coot the post, and because of that, I made a mistake in saying coots were only in Florida in the winter. Doh! I assumed that to be the case, because that’s when huge migrating rafts of them start to appear on our lakes and rivers. But the truth is, there are non-breeding coots to be found here all year long. (Once again, I’m referring ONLY to the feathered variety, though I’m pretty sure this holds true of the other kind as well. Probably why they’re so grouchy!) 😀

I have added the range map to the post, and I’m sharing it here, as well, for any who want to take a quick look. As you can see, coots are spread across a huge swath of the United States, and well into Canada, as well as south into central America. So, if you live in the U. S. and have a hankering to see some for yourself, you stand a pretty good chance of being able to do so. Again, sorry for the omission yesterday, but hope this makes up for it.

If you haven’t yet read the entire post, you may do so here:

#NotesFromTheRiver – That Old Coot!

#NotesFromTheRiver – That’s Just Ducky!

This week’s #NotesFromTheRiver is an overview of a new series of posts on ducks and duck-like waterfowl that make their home at least part of the year in the St. Johns River Basin area. I’ll be sharing lots of cool info on seven different species of beautiful and interesting birds, so I hope you’ll check out today’s introduction, and follow along over the next few weeks.  And feel free to share far and wide! The ducks, coots, mergansers, grebes and gallinules will thank you for it.

#NotesFromTheRiver – That’s Just Ducky!