#NotesFromTheRiver – Herons & Egrets Overview

Still trying desperately to catch up around here, and wondering when it was, exactly, that I lost control so completely? Eeep. However, I did manage to post this week’s #NotesFromTheRiver. I tried something different this time, and shared portions of one of my Central Florida’s Fabulous Wildlife presentations. I wanted to give folks a preview of a few things they can expect to learn at one of these events, though there are many, many more beautiful photos, and lot more info as well in the actual program. This may be a bit cut and dried for some, but it was the best I could do with the very limited amount of time I had today.  Hope some of you will check it out and pass it along. THANKS!

#NotesFromTheRiver – Herons & Egrets Overview

16 thoughts on “#NotesFromTheRiver – Herons & Egrets Overview

  1. I absolutely love herons and egrets! I have all kinds of paraphernalia around by house that are decorated with herons—lamps and statues and pictures and even a mirror with a heron etched on it. I have got to get to one of your talks one of these days!

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    • You do, indeed. This one would have been right up your alley. You’d surely learn some new tips on ID, habits, and relationships to other similar birds. Plus, LOADS of gorgeous photography to dazzle your eyes. And oh, yeah . . . ME!! I’d give ya a hug around the neck, for sure! 😀 (Though I don’t know whether that would entice you to join us, or chase you away! 😯 ) Do come someday. We always have fun, because if people aren’t laughing and enjoying themselves, I’m doing it wrong. 😉

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    • It’s better when I’m there. I take my time and explain things and take questions. Plus, I break it up with jokes and stuff. But that’s really just the first quarter or so of the show, and there’s a lot crammed into this particular one that they don’t have to remember long term. Most of my programs don’t have the stuff about the Latin classifications, because it’s rare to find them so mixed up like it is with herons and egrets. But I tossed it in for those who enjoy that kind of stuff, and then we moved right on to the lighter, more fun things. (Though I did warn them there’d be a written test at the end, and neatness would count. 😀 😀 😀 ) Then we took each of those birds and looked at some gorgeous photos, and I pointed out how to tell which is which, with some real good tips on IDing them. There was a LOT of laughing going on, honest. 😀 ❤

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    • Just a few of the slides from the beginning of this presentation, Robert, because I was so surprised to find out there was such weirdness going on with the Latin names. Each of the statistical slides, though, began a section of photos and info on that particular bird. Today, I did a fun one on wood storks and sandhill cranes, and the audience was GREAT! (I know this, because they laughed at all my jokes! 😀 ) I love doing these talks! 🙂

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