Feelin’ The Love Today!


This is one of those mornings when you wake up to find lovely things in your Inbox. Nothing makes my cuppa Earl Grey go down better, I have to confess. First, I found my entire  Wake-Robin Ridge series was displayed today on Sally Cronin’s Summer Reading Blog feature. Wow! Such a nice thing to see! Thank you, Sally. To read (and mostly, to share far and wide, pleeze?) you can go HERE.

Then I discovered my latest book, Harbinger, was being featured on Rosie Amber’s blog as a #TuesdayBookBlog post, and with a 5-star review, no less. THANK YOU, Rosie! To see, and hopefully share, what Rosie thinks of Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3, go HERE.

This is the kind of thing that makes the LOOONG hours worthwhile. Just knowing there are some readers who enjoy my stories makes me happy I finally decided to give writing a go. And belonging to our caring and supportive community of writer and bloggers is the icing on the cake.

Color me happy . . . as a clam! 🙂

A Word (or two) On Sharing


How About We Share?

We’ve grown so fast that many new followers may not be aware of the purpose of this blog, and many older ones might need to be reminded. Think of The Write Stuff as the corner pub or the Algonquin round table, only MUUUUCH bigger. This is where writers touch base with other writers, to share news and resources, ask questions, and offer encouragement. It’s YOUR blog, as much as mine.

To make it easier, here’s a list of some of the things you are encouraged to share here:

  1. New releases
  2. Promotions and sales
  3. Guest posts/interviews on other blogs
  4. New websites you’ve found that are helpful to writers
  5. Ideas/tips for self-marketing, especially if you’ve tried & have results to pass along
  6. Reviews (now and then) that you are really proud of, especially if they are in conjunction with a promo
  7. Publications/websites you think others will enjoy or learn from
  8. Events you’ve attended and might recommend to others in the future
  9. Ideas for building readership, both online and locally
  10. Pretty much anything you think would be of interest or helpful to other writers

This list might not be all-inclusive, because things might come up that I haven’t even considered before. But it will give you some ideas of the kinds of things you can share here, and that others will be glad to pass along for you. Everyone should remember to share your posts with the Immediate World, in the knowledge that they will receive the same sharing for their own posts.

My only rules for posting are these: no politics, no religion, and nothing overtly erotic. Sexy is fine. You know the difference, I’m sure, and if you don’t, I’ll remind you. Nicely, of course.  🙂

Now. That’s easy enough, right? So we expect to see more of you posting in the days ahead. If you are already an author/contributor, you can post at will. If you aren’t, email me, and I’ll help you.  mmeara@cfl.rr.com 

Let’s learn from each other, grow together as we master our craft, point each other toward books & sites that will teach us new things, and  help each other get the word out!

GO, us!!  😀



“Hey, you!”

“Yeah, YOU!”

You’ll no doubt notice that I plugged my latest book, Harbinger, a couple of days ago, and again this morning. (Hope you’ll share the post on Twitter, Facebook, and in all your usual haunts!) Meanwhile, I just want to remind you that promoting our work is one of the main functions of this blog. In addition to our general networking, sharing resources, ideas, excerpts, tips, and anything else useful we run across, you guys can always promote your books here, especially if they are on sale, or you have a new release coming out. That’s a huge part of how we support each other, and make sure the world at large learns about our books.

Please make it a point to share posts here at any time, but especially when the post involves promos and other news you’d like to get “out there.” And PLEASE avail yourselves of this platform to help you reach new readers.

If you are already a contributor (author) on this blog, you can post these announcements directly any time you wish. If you aren’t set up to do that, please email me with your request, and I will either post it for you, or show you how to do it, yourself. You can reach me at mmeara@cfl.rr.com

This blog is specifically intended as a place for us to have fun, ask questions, learn and grow as writers, AND to share our news, with the understanding that others here will pass it along as far and wide as possible.

So . . . what have YOU got to share today?


#Proofreading – How Important Is It?

Spelling Concept

Of course, it’s very important–absolutely critical to producing a book that impresses readers as being professional. As independent writers, many of know just how quickly reviewers will pick up errors and typos, and then alert the media about same! Here is a link to a great interview that says it all better than I can. Check it out!


An Interview With Julia Gibbs

I Did It!! #amwriting #Rainbows

“Standing In The Rainbow”
Dancing with Wieners Star, Maksim Hotdogski
Alias Maks

Woohoo! I took one look at my dog this morning, and knew this would be the day! Even luckier than a rainbow on the floor is one on a chocolate and tan dachsie. (Look it up. It’s true, I tell you!) So, who am I to scoff in the face of a lucky dachshund, standing in a rainbow? Instead, I sat right down and plowed through the epilogue of my WIP, typing The End at about 3:00 this afternoon. Yep. It’s official! Harbinger is done!! (Okay, except for the editing part, but I still think I can get this out by the end of May. That’s my story, an’ I’m stickin’ to it!)

Happy sigh. After a brief bit of R&R, I’ll start #3 of the Riverbend series, but for now, I’m going to bask in the sense of accomplishment that writing my 5th novel in less than three years has given me. And believe me, it feels FANTASTIC! Will they ever be studying my books in Literature Classes across the country? Nope. Do I care? Not a whit. Because there ARE folks out there who are enjoying them, and that’s what I set out to accomplish. I’m living a dream come true, and couldn’t be happier. (Richer, maybe, but not happier.) 😀

Dreams happen, folks. Never give up!

#ExcerptWeek Newsflash & Reminder


Today is the “Official” beginning of Excerpt Week, one of my favorite features on The Write Stuff. Please share excerpts from any of your own writing, be it already published, a work in progress, or an idea you are toying with. Post directly, if you are already an author on TWS, or send your excerpt to me, along with your bio, book covers, and Buy Links, and I’ll post it for you. (Do not post under the comments section of any thread, please.)

Throughout the day today, I’ll be uploading goodies for you to read–AND to SHARE, please. Sharing is the whole purpose of Excerpt Week, and the main focus of this blog, after all. 🙂 Let’s make this Excerpt Week the best one, ever!

We’ve already gotten a wonderful start with an  excerpt from Barb Taub. Might be the most original excerpt I’ve seen to date, but don’t let that stop you. We want to hear from as many more as possible, and I have several that will be coming through today, including my own, to get the week going with a bang. Let’s spread the word–or should I say, let’s spread OUR WORDS?

Looking forward to hearing from many more of you. Have fun, and enjoy the talent we have in this great group of folks.


#ExcerptWeek Starts Monday!


Woohoo! Excerpt week, comin’ up!

Yes, I jumped the gun earlier, and if any of you want to do that over the weekend, feel free, but “officially,” #ExcerptWeek starts Monday and runs until Sunday, April 3. You are invited to share excerpts of anything you’ve written, be it published, a work in progress, or something you’re experimenting with. We’ll pass it along for you. If you have a book out that has slowed down in sales a bit, this might be one good way to put it in front of folks again. There are only a couple of rules and suggestions, to wit:

Any genre is permissible, as long as your excerpt doesn’t include politics, religion, or erotica. Don’t know the difference between sexy and erotica? That’s okay. I do. If in doubt, send me a sample. 🙂

If you are already an author on TWS, please feel free to post your excerpt directly. If not, please email me, and I will post it for you. PLEASE do NOT post your excerpt as a comment under another thread. I will be forced to delete those, and you’ll miss out on sharing with us.

And that’s pretty much it. If you have any questions at all,  contact me at mmeara@cfl.rr.com and I’ll help any way I can.  THANKS.