#ExcerptWeek Newsflash & Reminder


Today is the “Official” beginning of Excerpt Week, one of my favorite features on The Write Stuff. Please share excerpts from any of your own writing, be it already published, a work in progress, or an idea you are toying with. Post directly, if you are already an author on TWS, or send your excerpt to me, along with your bio, book covers, and Buy Links, and I’ll post it for you. (Do not post under the comments section of any thread, please.)

Throughout the day today, I’ll be uploading goodies for you to read–AND to SHARE, please. Sharing is the whole purpose of Excerpt Week, and the main focus of this blog, after all. πŸ™‚ Let’s make this Excerpt Week the best one, ever!

We’ve already gotten a wonderful start with an Β excerpt from Barb Taub. Might be the most original excerpt I’ve seen to date, but don’t let that stop you. We want to hear from as many more as possible, and I have several that will be coming through today, including my own, to get the week going with a bang. Let’s spread the word–or should I say, let’s spread OUR WORDS?

Looking forward to hearing from many more of you. Have fun, and enjoy the talent we have in this great group of folks.


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