#Proofreading – How Important Is It?

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Of course, it’s very important–absolutely critical to producing a book that impresses readers as being professional. As independent writers, many of know just how quickly reviewers will pick up errors and typos, and then alert the media about same! Here is a link to a great interview that says it all better than I can. Check it out!


An Interview With Julia Gibbs

8 thoughts on “#Proofreading – How Important Is It?

  1. Amen to Julia Gibbs’ article on proofreading. I’ve learned that it’s essential to have someone other than myself proofread my work. A few years ago, I sent a novel manuscript to a reviewer, thinking it was ready––I had proofed it twice myself and felt confident because I had been an editor responsible for proofreading. Imagine my embarrassment when the reviewer commented on all the typos and other errors! From then on, I’ve always had “another set of eyes” look at my work, often two different people. As writers, we know our work so well, we read right over simple mistakes.

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  2. I don’t have as much time to read as I’d like. As a writer, I wanted to scream recently when I read “Page Fright” by Harry Bruce, publisher (a Douglas Gibson Book) McClelland & Stewart.
    In the first 100 pages, I found three glaring mistakes. Glaring. Three! One hundred pages. 😦 Ugh.


  3. Excellent share with concise info. It’s so true, our eyes sometimes see what they expect to see, not necessarily what is typed. And I may add that we find other overlooked errors by printing out our manuscripts for further revising, as our eyes see differently and more clearer on paper than on the screen. I do this before I submit to my editor. Tedious yes, but important. 🙂

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