Attention Dresdenphiles! Only ONE–Yes, I Said ONE–More Week Until #PeaceTalks Arrives! (PART 1 of 2)

Yep, you read right! Only one more week until the six-year Dresden Drought is OVER! Today is our last countdown post, which I’ve broken into two parts for ease of scrolling, and I decided to go with “And All The Rest.” Pictures, memes, miscellaneous characters, and whatever else I can find in my files that I haven’t already shared. Browse away, and I hope you see some things to make you ooh and aah, or at least smile a bit. Enjoy!


I’ve talked about Michael Carpenter before, but as you can see by this image, Michael hasn’t been the only Knight of the Cross featured in this series. There were three, Michael, Shiro, and Sanya. Not saying anything specific about Michael or Shiro right now. But this is the only representation I found of Sanya, the Russian knight, and I wanted to include him. He’s truly a fun and interesting character, and adds a lot to the later books.

I’ve also mentioned Harry’s friend, one-man-polka-band and medical examiner Waldo Butters, and I wanted to share a couple more images of Butters . He’s been fun since the beginning, but really comes into his own in Book #13, Ghost Story. You’ll love him and his determination to help Harry, even after his first glimpses of what’s “out there” terrified him. Zombies, anyone?

As White Council Wardens go, one of my very favorites is Carlos Ramirez. He’s vastly amusing, always ready for a fight …

and totally full of himself–but he’s also always there when needed. (Seen below with Molly Carpenter, Michael & Charity’s  somewhat
wayward daughter, and Dresden’s apprentice wizard.)

Here’s another rendition of Molly. As Harry’s Apprentice Wizard, she’s also known as  Grasshopper, Padawan, and several other Dresden-style nicknames.

One More Look at Molly as she’s described in later books. 

The White Council’s executioner, Morgan, is essentially an honorable man, but convinced that Harry is not, and determined to catch him using forbidden Black Magic. He’s been the bane of Harry’s existence for almost all of Harry’s life.

Once in a while Morgan almost succeeds in his desire to prove Harry guilty of breaking the Council’s most sacred laws. 


Toot-Toot the Fairy is an unforgettable little guy, tiny in stature, but big on courage, especially if there’s pizza being offered as a reward.

And I ask you, who other than Jim Butcher could make the three Billy Goats Gruff scary? (Maybe not up there with demons and Nicodemus, but still … Scary! 😀

I’ll wrap up Part 1 of today’s Countdown Post with this,
but I’ll be back in a bit with Part 2.



16 thoughts on “Attention Dresdenphiles! Only ONE–Yes, I Said ONE–More Week Until #PeaceTalks Arrives! (PART 1 of 2)

  1. These pictures are great and the ones I’ll see in my head, now. Shiro is exactly as I imagine him and Michael and Sanya are pretty close!
    I’ve spent two days looking through my piles of books for my next two Dresden’s until I discovered last night that I bought Kindle versions of them…

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    • Oh, that sounds like something I’d do, if I EVER read an actual print book, anyway. Reading on my Kindle is so much easier and more enjoyable for me. My print books are now collectible works of art, but I know exactly where to find the ones for reading! 😀 All in one convenient device. 😀

      I’m halfway through Book 13, Ghost Story right now, and after the non-stop shocks in Changes, I couldn’t WAIT to get started on it. OMG. Changes! 😯 😯 😯

      Thanks for stopping by today, Trish. More to come shortly! 🙂 ❤

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    • Hi, Jeanne! We’re ALMOST there, fellow Dresdenphile. One of the things I love most about this series is how well-developed the side characters are, even those who don’t get much “page time.” They become such a meaningful part of the overall story, and you never know when something they do will make a major difference in Harry’s life. Toot-Toot and his cohorts are hilarious, but they’ve saved the day many times, for sure. And Ramirez just makes me laugh, especially when the truth about him came out, which I won’t explain here, so I don’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t read that far. I laughed out loud over that one.

      Thanks for stopping by. Hope you enjoy Part 2, which I’m trying desperately to get put together. Time has not been my ally for the last couple of weeks, now. 😀

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  2. I usually hate illustrations because I’ve imagined them differently while reading, lols. That’s one reason I don’t like reading a book and then watching the movie … I’d sooner do it the other way around! Having said all that, some great pics here 😁

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    • There are tons of illustrations from this series that I just laugh at for the same reason. And movies NEVER get it right. (Nor did the Dresden Files short-lived TV series, wherein every, single characters was either miscast or not in the books at all. UGH.) But I love Mika Blackfield’s work (even though MY Harry is the one on the covers of the books) and some of the illustrations are just fun, even if they don’t match the images in my head. Glad there were some here you enjoyed, but in general, I agree with you 100%. 😀 And I’m at the halfway point in Ghost Story. OH, this series is just too good for words, isn’t it? 😀

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  3. Oh, I love these! Some very talented artists have brought these amazing characters to life.
    BTW, I really like Rameriz in the books, and Michael (along with Harry and Thomas) has stolen my heart.

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    • I had fun finding the pics, Mae. Glad you enjoyed them. And yes to your whole last sentence. Butcher creates excellent secondary characters, no matter on which side of the Good/Evil line they are standing. No cardboard fillers, here. RE-reading these books has been a lesson in how to do this kind of thing very, very well.

      Thanks for stopping by today and for being a lifetime member of the Official Order of Dresdenphiles!! 🙂 ❤

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  4. Marcia, can I say how cool you are for a, ahem, mature lady, without it sounding insulting? I truly mean it! I’m surrounded by a lot of folks over 65 (I run a retirement village), and for some reason, they think hitting their late sixties means having to surrender to Meave Binchy, cardigans, and scrabble. You, on the other hand, are so hip! So cool! I LOVE it. You’re an inspiration.

    I’m off to find where the Dresdenphiles all began and to add it to my TBR.
    Keep rocking!


    • Well, my friend, you just made my morning! Cool? Ol’ Granny me?? I suspect my kids (and at least my eldest granddaughter) would disagree with that assessment. 😀 But I love that you feel that way. I confess, when I look in the mirror, I find myself wondering who the heck that old lady is staring back at me. I have times when I feel every year of my age, as my body is definitely not cooperating as well as it once did. But most days, I just don’t believe that’s me. I guess that’s why at 69, I decided I was finally going to write a book, just as a bucket list thing. And at 76, I’m still writing, and still loving it. I intend to do so for as long as I possibly can.

      It’s a mindset thing, and while we can’t stop the years from taking a toll on our bodies, most of us can change the way we think. Or maybe a better way to put it is, we can STOP letting age change the way we think. Instead of moaning about the stuff I can no longer do, I prefer celebrating all the things I still can do. There are lots and lots of those, and I’m very grateful for each of them. Yeah, I had to give up canoeing due to back issues, but I can still go out on the river on my favorite eco-tour cruise and enjoy it that way. There’s usually a workaround if you look for it. 🙂

      I’ve always read more than the mainstream books, ever since I discovered Poe and Stoker at age 12. I remember, though, when Anne Rice wrote Interview With the Vampire, and I was so excited that there was a new market for things of that nature. Urban Fantasy has been one of my favorite genres ever since, and I finally branched into epic fantasy a few years ago. There are wonderful books in every genre, and I love being transported beyond the ordinary just as much as I enjoy a good romantic novel or some historical fiction. (And on and on.) The folks at your retirement village (OH, do we have those down here!) can enjoy all the Maeve Binchy they want, but if they don’t branch out now and then to see what else is out there, they are certainly limiting themselves. Trying new stuff is good for the brain! And like laughter, it’s crucial to staying active and young at heart.

      Thanks for such a great compliment, Jessica! I’ll be smiling all day long, now. (And btw, I downloaded Guns of Perdition yesterday, coincidentally. It sounds right up my alley, and I’m looking forward to reading it. 🙂 ❤ )

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      • To further bolster your ego, I should tell you, in my village, you’d be one of the ‘young uns’. Our average age is 88 and we have 25 over 90!

        You actually remind me of my late mum. She was only 57 when she passed, but she had every Anne McCaffrey book ever written, every King, Feist, Eddings etc. Lived for fantasy and sci/fi, and told me she wasn’t sad about passing, because she could fly with the dragons now. She was the other coolest person I knew. I reckon now that she would be 68 she wouldn’t have slowed down or lost her lust for all things weird one bit.

        Glad there are folks like you guys in the world to challenge ‘norms’. S’pose I do it too in a way – 39, married, no kids, spend my free hours writing of gaming.

        Long live us weirdos!

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        • Amen to that! 😀 And your mom sounds like she would have been a great person to know. Congratulations on being blessed with someone who really lived her life! A perfect role model! 🙂 Have a great Thor’s Day, Jessica! 🙂

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    • I’m so looking forward to hearing your thoughts on this totally addictive and ever-expanding series. It still amazes me that Book 1 was written as a class assignment twenty years ago, and then turned into this monumental urban fantasy series of astounding popularity. The first book is good. But each one gets better and better by leaps and bounds, and you simply cannot stop reading them. (Largely because Butcher makes you care about the characters so much!)

      Hope you’ll enjoy them, Teri! 🙂

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  5. Love the pics! Also love how some of the characters come into their own as the series progresses, esp. Butters, despite his being ill-equipped to handle things (no magic, not kick-ass like Murphy). Can’t wait! Also, I’m so sucked into Kate Daniels now. I should be reading other stuff, but Kate and Curran are irresistable 🙂

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    • Woooooohoooooo. Glad I turned you on to Kate and Curran. It was a HUGE favorite of mine for years, and I’m happy to see there will be more. Yeah, the Beast Lord is something else, and the two of them together are great fun.

      And I’m glad you enjoyed this first part of the final countdown post. I am a couple of chapters into Cold Days, the next to last of my re-reads, and I’m going to have to plow right through it, so I can get to Skin Game before Tuesday. But even if I have Peace Talks in my hot little hands, I’m not going to read it until I’m caught up. I have discovered hundreds of things I’d forgotten about over the twenty year stretch between Storm Front and Cold Days, so I know I’ll need to get up to date before going forward. Butcher is quite deft at catching readers up on things in each book, sneaking it in here and there, but I want to have BEEN there myself before diving into Peace Talks. I’m really glad I decided to re-read from the start. And as I wrapped up Ghost Story last night, I was extra glad, because the ending of that one was convoluted as all get-out. I knew basically what would happen, but I totally forgot how it transpired. It was even better the second time around! 🙂

      And Butters was a favorite of mine from the start, but as you say, he turned into something altogether different and amazing. I just love him!


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