Checking In & Catching Up

Just a quick update for you guys. I know I said I would be getting all my regular blog series back up and running at the start of the new year, and I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten some underway, and have a few more coming up. But the bad news is, I’m moving slower than I’d thought I would. I caught a bit of a bug somewhere around January 3 or 4, and it has hampered some of my plans. (Had to cancel both of my wildlife talks for January, for one thing, since I didn’t want to be around others until I was sure I was well.)

The good news is I’m slowly improving a bit more each day, and almost all my cold-like symptoms are now gone. I’m still not real peppy, but I think that will change for the better very soon.

In the meantime, I do have a Ten Things guest scheduled for tomorrow, and a couple of scheduled guests for February already lined up. So I WILL keep my promise to get it all up and going again, but I hope you’ll be patient with me if it’s at a slower pace than I anticipated.  It’s STILL on the way, honest!

Moving like a turtle, perhaps, but STILL making progress, and that’s what counts! Now you guys stay well and let’s make this a great year!


22 thoughts on “Checking In & Catching Up

  1. Oh my dear friend, take all the time you need to rest and get your strength back. So many are sick right now and sometimes the only cure is rest and more rest. Know you are loved! 💕

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  2. Ugh! It seems like everyone is coming down with something lately, and you’ve had a string of back-to-back stuff. I’m so sorry you’re not feeling well, and sorry you had to cancel your wildlife talks. I know how much you enjoy doing them. The important thing–first and foremost–is to take care of yourself. Everything else should be shuffled to a back burner. All of your friends will still be here when you’re back up to speed. {{hugs}}

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  3. I’m with everyone else here, my lovely friend. Put yourself first and take all the time you need to recuperate from some major physical traumas. I can see that despite all the setbacks caused by pesky bugs, you’re still making great headway and I hope you’ll be back to strength soon. xx

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