#TenThingsYouMayNotKnow About Priscilla Bettis

Time for another fun #TenThings list, folks! Today, our guest is author Priscilla Bettis, and I know you’ll enjoy checking out her list, so here you go!

Ten Things You May Not Know About Me
by Priscilla Bettis

  1.  My cats’ names are Wednesday Addams, Pugsley Addams, Thing 1, and Thing 2.
  2.  My favorite place to read is in a hot bath.
  3.  I was born in sweltering Texas and grew up in frigid Alaska.
  4.  I write dark stories, but I absolutely believe in angels and miracles.
  5.  The pope blessed my swim goggles.
  6.  I write best in absolute silence.
  7.  I think the darker the chocolate the better. Same with coffee.
  8.  The smell of freshly cut hay makes me euphoric.
  9.  I have ridden a water buffalo. I don’t recommend it.
  10.  Years ago, I married my best friend. He’s still my best friend … and still my husband. 🙂

Contemporary Southern Gothic meets weird horror
in this new novelette from Priscilla Bettis.


Professor Claire Davenport yearns to be a mother. After suffering four miscarriages, the university microbiologist tries and fails to qualify as an adoptive mother. Then Claire’s husband leaves.

Alone and emotionally wounded, Claire takes a summer sabbatical from her microbiology classes and escapes to rural Virginia to heal. There, she meets local farmers with strange agricultural practices.

Claire moves into the historic manor house she rented for the summer, and an abandoned child greets her. Is the child real, an answer to her prayers? Or is he a figment of her tormented emotions? Perhaps the tight-knit locals are playing a trick on the science lady from the city.

Whatever the boy’s origin, Claire is determined to find the truth, but the truth may be bloody.

Buy The Hay Bale HERE

Priscilla Bettis read her first horror story, The Exorcist, when she was a little kid. Priscilla snuck the grownup book from her parents’ den, and The Exorcist scared her silly. From that moment on, she was hooked on horror and all things deliciously off kilter. As an adult, Priscilla turned to engineering physics, a wonderful profession, but what she really wants to do is write . . . or die trying, probably at the hands of a vampiric wraith. Priscilla shares a home in the Northern Plains of Texas with her two-legged and four-legged family members.

You can reach Priscilla on social media here:
Amazon Author Page

Email: pbettis@gmail.com


81 thoughts on “#TenThingsYouMayNotKnow About Priscilla Bettis

  1. HI Marcia, it is great to see Priscilla featured here. I learned a few new things about her. Where there two Things in The Adamms Family. There was the one with the hair, but I can’t think of another. Congratulations to Priscilla on the publication of her book. I have received my copy.

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  2. Thank you, Marcia, for shining the spotlight on Priscilla. I enjoyed getting to know her better and would love to know more about her swim goggles. 😁 BTW, last week I read The Hay Bale and highly recommend it. 😊

    Liked by 3 people

    • You’re welcome, Gwen. It’s a pleasure to have Priscilla here this morning, and there are several things she mentioned I’d like to know more about, including those goggles! Glad to hear your enjoyed The Hay Bale, and I’m sure Priscilla will be as well.

      Thanks so much for stopping by today and taking a moment to comment! 🤗💖

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    • Glad you enjoyed Priscilla’s list, Craig. I thought it was pretty interesting, too. Hoping for a bit more info from her when she has a moment to respond to comments, especially about the goggles and the water buffalo.

      Thanks so much for stopping by this morning. And yet again, another hint: Ahem. We still haven’t seen a list from you and hope you are working on one even as I type! 😂😂😂

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    • I think we all want to know more about #5, Mae, and the water buffalo thing, too! 😁 And I prefer dark chocolate, too. Milk chocolate just doesn’t cut it. 😉

      Thanks so much for stopping by this morning, my friend, and taking a moment to say hello. 😀 ❤ BTW, finished Bloodless and have to get my thoughts (some good, some not so good) together so we can chat about it.

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        • Hanging in there, Mae. Haven’t had the energy to respond to the comments on yesterday’s “Catching Up” post yet, but I’ll get there before too long. I’ve improved greatly, overall, but am moving slower than molasses runnin’ uphill! 😉 Thanks for checking on me, and I know you’ll have an idea about some of the things I didn’t like about Bloodless. (But there were other things I really enjoyed.) We’ll chat soon!

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    • I suspect we’re all wondering about that one, Teri. Hopefully, Priscilla will elaborate when she checks in with us later.

      Glad you enjoyed her list, and thanks so much for stopping by today and taking a moment to let us know. 😀

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    • Thanks, Teri.:-) Well, if I had PLANNED BETTER, it wouldn’t have been a pair of swim goggles when the pope passed through town (goggles that eventually deteriorate with use). It would have been something more sturdy, a family Bible or something.

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    • I think Priscilla has teased us with several potential “good stories,” Sue. I mean the goggles one is a head scratcher, too. Hmmm. 😊 Let’s hope she enlightens us when she’s able to respond to comments.

      And … Hey, Sue! *waving back* Thanks for stopping by today! 😀 ❤

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    • Glad you enjoyed Priscilla’s list, Staci, and I do hope she elaborates a bit on a couple of these topics, especially the goggles and the water buffalo. 😁

      I’m feeling a little better each day, thanks. This dadblamed stuff takes for-EVER to go away, but I will NOT be defeated by a sniffly nose and minor cough. I’m beating them into submission! 😂

      Thanks for stopping by this morning and taking a moment to say hello! 😀 ❤

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  3. A wonderful look at Priscilla! How amazing to have swim goggles blessed by the pope. 🙂 I have Hay Bale on my TBR list and look forward to it. Thank you, Marcia, for sharing this post and congratulations to Priscilla!

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  4. Hi Priscilla! Hmmm, it’s like I’ve read some other interview of yours lately…:) I completely agree with having to write in absolute silence. I’m more interested in the notion of reading in the tub. What if you drop the book?

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  5. I enjoyed reading about Priscilla. I too love reading in a hot bath. I think it is cool that you had your swimming goggles blessed by the Pope. It makes a better story than something ordinary. Agree, best cat’s names ever!!

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  6. I enjoyed your list, Priscilla. I especially loved #4, 6, and 7 (except the coffee – I don’t drink coffee). To travel to the darkness, one must know the light in order to be pulled back when needed. Silence is also my friend when writing or reading. And dark chocolate is my absolute fave (the darker the better). Great to get to know you. Thanks for introducing her to us, Marcia! 🙂

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  7. Loved the story of the goggles – do you still have them? The water buffalo experience is certainly different and I can imagine it might not be the most comfortable of rides. I can’t eat dark chocolate as it’s something that can trigger migraines in my and if I had to wait for complete silence to write, I’d never get anywhere! Great to hear a bit about you, Priscilla and thanks to Marcia for this fascinating series! xx

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    • Glad you enjoyed Priscilla’s Ten Things list, Steve. This is a regular feature I run every other week, and we’ve had a lot of fun with it. Thanks so much for stopping by and taking a moment to comment. (I’ve named my cats for many singers and book characters over the years, but no race drivers, I’m afraid. Still, I think JJ sounds like a good name for one. 😀 )


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