#ThankYou and #Update Redux

I just want to thank everyone who responded to my Tuesday “Checking In” post. Your support and encouragement have done wonders for my mood, and my mood improvement has done wonders for my health. As we all know, attitude is everything, even when dealing with physical issues. And the good news is, yesterday, I felt like I finally turned a corner with this cold I’ve been coping with for almost three weeks now.

Notice I called it a “cold?” I refuse to even entertain the possibility it’s been another case of that other word that starts with “C!” I am not going there, regardless of the extreme fatigue that accompanied my sneezing, coughing, and general discomfort. Nope. Been there, done that, and refuse to ever acknowledge it again, though I will always be cautious about being around others when I’m under the weather with anything that might be contagious.

And all that being said, the important take-away is the phrase “turned the corner.” I actually had a lot of energy yesterday, and an unexpected decrease in other symptoms, too. Got stuff done, and felt good about the day. But not to worry. I’m easing back into things carefully, and it will take some time for me to get back to my writing and my normal blog visits and comments. I am trying to read posts I’ve fallen behind on, though for now, will probably be limiting myself to a Like and a Tweet here and there. I know you’ll all understand, and I appreciate that enormously.

Thanks again, and PLEASE stay safe and well, you guys! (I will, if YOU will.)

(Me, being healthy and energetic!)

Checking In & Catching Up

Just a quick update for you guys. I know I said I would be getting all my regular blog series back up and running at the start of the new year, and I’m happy to say that I’ve gotten some underway, and have a few more coming up. But the bad news is, I’m moving slower than I’d thought I would. I caught a bit of a bug somewhere around January 3 or 4, and it has hampered some of my plans. (Had to cancel both of my wildlife talks for January, for one thing, since I didn’t want to be around others until I was sure I was well.)

The good news is I’m slowly improving a bit more each day, and almost all my cold-like symptoms are now gone. I’m still not real peppy, but I think that will change for the better very soon.

In the meantime, I do have a Ten Things guest scheduled for tomorrow, and a couple of scheduled guests for February already lined up. So I WILL keep my promise to get it all up and going again, but I hope you’ll be patient with me if it’s at a slower pace than I anticipated.  It’s STILL on the way, honest!

Moving like a turtle, perhaps, but STILL making progress, and that’s what counts! Now you guys stay well and let’s make this a great year!