#ReblogAlert! #Twofer #ThisWeekOnStoryEmpire & Sally Cronin’s #SmorgasbordWeeklyRoundUp

As I promised, I’m starting all my regular weekly features up again for the new year, and today I’m happy to share the news from my friends at both Story Empire and Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord blogs. Enjoy!

MONDAY: To start of the week, Gwen Plano’s post The Writer’s Contract with Readers reminds us how important covers and blurbs are when it comes to attracting readers. Check it out HERE.

TUESDAY: A bonus post from Mae Clair filled with fantastic news: Story Empire has added two new authors to their family! If you missed this announcement, you can find out who’s joining the team by checking out Mae’s post HERE.

WEDNESDAY: New Story Empire member Beem Weeks is off to a great start with a really helpful first post entitled Writing Set-Ups for the Big Reveal. His tips are extremely useful and I can’t wait to see what else he has to share in the weeks ahead. Check out Beem’s post HERE. 

FRIDAY: Mae Clair returns to wrap up the week with a fantastic post, Creating a Promotional Author Video. Not only is this one filled with extremely helpful tips on doing so, it includes a super video of Mae putting those tips to good use. Check it all out HERE.

As always, TONS of good stuff going on at Sally’s Smorgasbord blog.  Lots of things of interest, and some very entertaining stuff too. Be sure you didn’t miss anything this week, and don’t forget to take a look at the videos! Guaranteed smiles!

Check Out Sally’s Weekly RoundUp Post HERE

40 thoughts on “#ReblogAlert! #Twofer #ThisWeekOnStoryEmpire & Sally Cronin’s #SmorgasbordWeeklyRoundUp

  1. So many wonderful shares, Marcia. Thank you! I’m hoping you are staying warm during this chilly season and especially hope you are feeling fantastic. What a year, right? I’m hopeful 2022 will bring us all much-needed relief. Big hugs! 🤗

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    • Always happy to share, Gwen, and should be able to manage this #Twofer post each Sunday again, at least!

      I need relief from a lot of things, but cold weather hasn’t been one of them yet. We are FINALLY having some cooler days with highs in the 60s, and I’m SO happy! I actually I had to swap my shorts for a pair of jeans twice this week. IMAGINE! The nights are going to be cooler in the next few days, though. Mostly in the 40s, with two that look like they might drop to the mid-30s. Haven’t had anything that low in several years, so we’ll see if it really happens. We’ve had logs laid in the fireplace for a couple of weeks, but the house hasn’t even gotten cool enough to light a fire, much less turn on the heat. I’m just glad I’ve been able to leave the a/c off and the windows open.

      So that’s the update on our weather in central Florida. But I can certainly say “what a year” about almost everything else. I’m hoping for much, MUCH better for all of us in 2022, whether it’s weather related, pandemic related, or whatever else is on the possibility list related! 😂

      YOU stay warm, though, and WELL, too! And thanks for stopping by this morning! 🤗💖

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    • I agree some terrific posts on both SE and Smorgasbord this past week. And I’m always happy to pass them along, in case folks have missed anything. Thanks for stopping by today, Denise! 😀 ❤


    • It was a great week over at Sally’s, but then again, it was also a great week (with FOUR posts) over on Story Empire. Between the two, how could I NOT share them? Thanks for stopping by, Jan! 😀 ❤


    • You’re welcome, Beem. I’m always happy to pass along these weekly roundups for those who might have missed a post or two. And you guys over at SE never disappoint with the variety and scope of your posts.

      Thanks for stopping by today and taking a moment to say hello! 😊

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  2. You’re so good about sharing news, Marcia. Sally always has some awesome posts, and Story Empire had a fabulous week. I hope you’re pacing yourself with projects and enjoying some time in the balmy shade sans alligators and snakes. 😀

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    • Awwww … you wouldn’t deprive me of my SNAKES, would you? I can do without alligators stopping by my backyard, as long as I can wave at them now and then when I’m out on the river, but I love my yard snakes. (These days mostly black racers, which are non-venomous and very good at eating things I don’t want around, like vermin of various sorts.) Ooops. The wildlife presentation part part of me got loose for a moment there. Sorry.

      I am taking it very slow with all my physical projects, as I’m still not feeling 100%, but I AM getting better each day. At least a wee bit. 😉 At least I can do a bit of blogging and sharing again, and Store Empire & Smorgasbord are such good ones to pass along. I’m happy to do so when I can!

      Thanks for stopping by to say hello today! 😀 ❤

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      • I like my little garter snakes. I have scores of them that sun themselves in my garden. So I can relate to your fondness for friendly snakes.

        And glad to hear you’re doing better. Stretching your stamina a LITTLE probably helps build up your strength. Keep it up with plenty of breaks and stay hydrated… (I can just hear it: yes, mom.)

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        • 😁 You can Mom me all you want, as long as you know grounding me is NOT gonna work! 😁

          And I’m glad you like your garter snakes. I haven’t seen one in this yard in some time. Perhaps the black racers have chased them away. Last one I saw was a blue-striped sub-species and very pretty. They do a good job with pests, too.

          And just so you won’t worry, I’m on a break now, with a cup of my afternoon decaf Earl Grey and a glass of water as a chaser. Hydrating away! Hehehehe.

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