#ReblogAlert – #SmorgasbordMagazine Weekly Round-Up

Check out this week’s Weekly Round-Up post from Sally Cronin’s fabulous Smorgasbord blog. SO much going on over there, you really must take a look. There’s sure to be something that entertains you, whether it’s the great selection of music and videos, or the many writers and bloggers featured for the week. (Yeah, okay, I’m one of them, but honestly, it would have still be super week even without my small contribution. Some of my very favorite folks are included in the mix! 😀 )

Visit this week’s Smorgasbord Magazine Weekly Round-Up HERE.

#ReblogAlert – Two Great Posts For Ya!

Running late this week, but believe me, if you haven’t already checked out these two posts from Story Empire, you really should. Both are excellent!

The first is from Staci Troilo’s “Basic Plots” series and deals with Vonnegut’s From Bad to Worse plot line.  This has been a truly informative and helpful series, and you can access Staci’s post HERE.

The second is from John W. Howell and is a tongue-in-cheek look at ten ways to motivate yourself to write. (And I’m pretty sure most of them would actually work, too. Probably. 😀 ) You can access John’s post HERE.

Check ’em out! You’ll be glad you did! 

#ReblogAlert #Sharing

If you haven’t already visited Story Empire today, I highly recommend you swing by and take a look at Craig Boyack’s post wrapping up his series on Expansion Pack: Comedy. Some good ideas in this one, and well worth checking out.  Don’t forget to pass it along so others can take a look too, thanks. And thanks, Craig, for another fun and helpful read! To visit the post, click here:

Expansion Pack: Comedy Wrap Up

Reblog Twofer!

Real life has gotten in my way once again, leaving me way behind on this week’s blog visits and posts, but I refuse to give up. So today, I have two, count ’em, TWO, great Story Empire posts to share with you.  The first is an excellent post from Harmony Kent for PC users who want to know how to use Mac-Only software on their computers. Check it out here: How To Use Mac in Cloud

And the second is today’s post by Denise Finn on why writers write. Check it out here: The Writing Spark

I know you’ll enjoy (and learn from) both of these posts, so I do hope you’ll zip on over to visit Story Empire, and will remember to pass these along on all your favorite social media sites. THANKS!