#ReblogAlert – #WakeRobinRidge Reviewed by Sally Cronin on Smorgasbord



Nothing like waking up late, wandering out to the ol’ computer, and finding a review of my first book, Wake-Robin Ridge, posted on Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord blog! What a great way to jumpstart my day. I hope you’ll check it out and will enjoy seeing what Sally has to say about this one. (I sure did, but then, it’s MY book she’s lauding. 😀 )

Do stop by if you get a chance, though.  It would make the rest of my day just as lovely as the way it started! 😀  Thanks!

To read Sally’s review, go HERE

20 thoughts on “#ReblogAlert – #WakeRobinRidge Reviewed by Sally Cronin on Smorgasbord

    • Thanks so much, Trish. I did LOVE the review hugely, and I’m so glad you’ve enjoyed the series and that you fell in love with Rabbit. I’m looking forward to continuing with a new tale as soon as I finish Riverbend 4. In fact, I had lunch with my cover designer, Nicki, and a fellow writer, Melanie, and we talked about some changes in the WRR spinoff novella covers, to set them apart from the look of the main series. I’m getting excited already. 😀

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  1. Great review, Marcia. I know I have this one on my Kindle. Unfortunately, there are something like fifty other books waiting for me there too. I know I’ll get to it one of these days.

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    • Only FIFTY, Pete??? I have more than that on my brand new Kindle, and my old one had over 300 on it!!! But then I’m an OCD dweeb about books, on the shelf (where I admire them for their beauty and pat the covers now and then) and on my Kindle, where I actually prefer to read them. 😀

      Seriously, thanks so much, and I do hope you get a chance to check it out now and then. While this first book of mine has romance involved, it also has a lot of “other” drama and some scary bits that I’ve been told work well for guys who aren’t into the love story portions. So when you do get to it, I hope you’ll find it worth the wait. Would be eager to hear your thoughts!

      In the meantime, happy reading, whatever it is! There’s proof it keeps your brain young and active, so go for it! 😀 And thanks for stopping by today! 🙂

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    • Thanks, Jan! Sorry I’m late in responding, but it wasn’t for lack of interest in your comment, honest! This was a great surprise, and I’m still smiling about it! 🙂


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