#Reblog Alert – Another Reason to Read and Write – Gwen Plano on #StoryEmpire

Today, Gwen Plano’s Story Empire post touches on some things near and dear to my heart, and helpful to ALL of us. She gives us yet another reason to pursue reading, writing, and blogging. Our brains! To see exactly what that means, please run, don’t walk, over to Story Empire and check out her post. This information is critical for us to understand, especially as we grow older. (It really hit home with me, since I fell a year and a half ago and suffered a concussion severe enough to leave me with lingering issues.) But I think everyone can learn from Gwen’s post, so I hope you’ll head on over! Thanks!

Read Gwen’s Inspiring and Helpful Post HERE

4 thoughts on “#Reblog Alert – Another Reason to Read and Write – Gwen Plano on #StoryEmpire

    • So glad you enjoyed it, Diana. I was truly inspired and moved by Gwen’s story, and love her suggestions. Especially nice knowing that some of what I was doing intuitively really IS a major help in keeping our minds sharp. I hope LOTS of people take a look at this one, and I’m so happy you did! 😀 Happy reading and writing back atcha! 🤗

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