Interview with Jen Rasmussen


Jen Rasmussen, one of our wonderful members here at The Write Stuff, has posted an interview with me this morning. Hope some of you will check it out, and perhaps consider doing one with Jen, yourself. It was great fun!  My Interview with Jen Rasmussen  And if you have an interview you’ve done and would like to share, please feel free to do so. (Contact me directly, if you need to.)

4 thoughts on “Interview with Jen Rasmussen

  1. Marcia’s answers were great! Eleven questions is VERY informal and half the questions are silly, but Marcia is always a good sport.

    And speaking of interviews… my interview of Book Goodies just went up: 🙂

    I hijack Marcia’s post to mention it not only because I’m thoroughly convinced that everything is about me, but because I found out about Book Goodies from this post by Deborah:

    So The Write Stuff rules! (As does Deborah.)

    (I’m also not posting about it separately because I think Deborah’s post said everything about Book Goodies already and we don’t need two.)

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    • AS one of our valued members and contributors here, you may feel free to “hijack” anything you want, pretty much. 🙂 And I’m checking out your link shortly.

      Thanks again for the opportunity to do an interview with you. It was easy and fun, and I’m happy to share it with the whole world. And folks, if you haven’t yet read Jen’s wonderfully haunting book “Ghost in the Canteen,” you should! It’s terrific! Find it here: You’ll be glad you did!

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    • Hi, Louis! Nice to see you tonight. We have some GREAT folks here at TWS, and Jen & Deborah are both wonderful contributors, always happy to share with others. I’m really glad you enjoyed the interviews. I did, too! 🙂


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