Another Thought On Freebies & Other Promos

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By releasing a boxed set of my Wake-Robin Ridge series, I may have boxed myself right into a corner, pun intended. I now have both Wake-Robin Ridge and A Boy Named Rabbit out as individual releases, regular price $4.99. Plus a boxed set of the two for $5.98, which means buyers would be getting WRR #1 for 99 cents.

I don’t have the time or energy (still not back to normal 100%) to do a major launch with blog tours and give-away parties, so I’m going for a more basic KDP Select freebie style promo, at least for now. I made a mistake when I said you have to wait 30 days to offer a new book for free. That only applies to a countdown promotion. So. If I offer Rabbit and WRR both for free simultaneously, I’m negating the point of the boxed set. At least for the duration of the promo. Could be worth it, anyway.

OR…I could offer Rabbit free for those who’ve already read WRR #1,  and the boxed set for free for those who haven’t, and want to read both.

I like this idea better, myself, but I’m wondering if it makes sense to anyone else? To me, it seems like the logical thing to do. And later, I can permanently reduce the price WRR #1 to encourage future readers to start the series. Any thoughts, anyone?

6 thoughts on “Another Thought On Freebies & Other Promos

  1. Personally, I wouldn’t give away the box set for free. Why shouldn’t you be compensated for your hard work? It’s already priced reasonably. But– if you wanted to give book II away for free, that makes more sense to me. Just my two-cents. Hope it helps!

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    • Hi, Sue. Thanks for weighing in. Giving away my books en masse is ALWAYS hard for me, so I know exactly what you mean. I keep thinking, what if 6,000 readers is all that book would have ever generated, anyway, and I just gave it to them for nothing, all in one day. 😯 But one of the things most of the “experts” in self-publishing agree on is that you must get a whole bunch of books out there before you start getting enough reviews and word of mouth to generate meaningful sales. The dilemma becomes which to give away, when, and how often.

      Giving away only Book 2 doesn’t seem to make a lot of sense, and I haven’t found any books that recommend doing that, the reasoning being that no one is going to jump on a free second book in a series, if they haven’t read the first one. So the only people really interested would be people who had already read (and enjoyed) Book 1. And those people were likely going to buy Book 2, anyway. Right? What you want to do is hook new readers on the series, so giving away Book 1 for free is still a viable option, in the hopes someone new will read it and then rush off to buy Book 2, even at full price.

      This means I need to offer Book 1 for free somehow, but since Rabbit’s book is new, I want to get it noticed, too. I could take DOWN my boxed set, and republish it at a later date, of course. Then I could run Book 1 & Book 2 free simultaneously, or just Book 1, and hope readers would hunt down Book 2. But that second one’s not going to move a huge amount of Book 2 right away, which is my goal.

      I really can’t think of any other way to do this, except, for this FIRST promo only, run Book 2 and the Boxed set for free for a couple of days, so I can attract readers who are already waiting for the sale on Rabbit to happen, and brand new series readers. After that, they say you should run your first book either permanently FREE or at a very reduced price, like 99 cents. You sacrifice it in order to build a series following.

      It’s crazy, I know, and I’d rather SELL books than give them away, but I know I have to settle on a free promotion of some sort to jump start things. Maybe someone who has a successful series running can give us their thoughts, as well, otherwise, I’m left to my own devices. Eeeep. 😯 The one thing I know is that pretty much ANY freebie promo is better than none. But I’d like to figure out which one is best for me at this point.

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  2. Did I say Book 2? Sorry, I meant Book 1. No, giving book 2 doesn’t make any sense. I had a writers conference in Boston yesterday. 2 1/2 hour drive each way, and on the way home I was driving through a blizzard. I’m absolutely exhausted today. Note to self: No sleep= No advice.

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    • I always enjoy your thoughts, Sue, even when they are caused by a sleep-deprived brain! And you made me rethink what I was considering, too. That’s always good.

      However, one promo of Book 2 still makes sense to me, because I know I have some readers who are waiting to get a good deal on it. Of course, I’m getting closer every day to the 30-day point, where I could just drop the price and do a countdown. Now I’m wondering if I should do another freebie of Book 1, and in 2 weeks, do a countdown promo of Book 2. DID I MENTION HOW MUCH I LOATHE AND DESPISE SELF-MARKETING? My mind gets so cluttered up with these decisions, I can’t WRITE. Sort of defeats the whole point, doesn’t it? Time for Earl Grey, hot!

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