Have you found Book Goodies yet?

Book Goodies for authors

Yes, it’s yet another avenue for getting your work out there – you know the advice, be everywhere!

And its fun to do too. It’s taken a while, but my author interview on the site just went live, and you can do one too, or even a podcast if you feel so inclined.


Here’s a little snippet:


What inspires you to write?
Inspiration is the wrong word for me – I have a wildly overactive imagination that simply demands an outlet.
If I’m not writing, I’m daydreaming, and I really love to share my stories with other people.

Tell us about your writing process.
My process is evolving all the time. I began as an out-and-out pantser, starting with an idea and running with it; by far the most fun as I get to watch the story unfold for the first time, just like a reader.
Unfortunately (for me) these days, as I’m writing series and handling multiple on-going plot strands, I have to do at least an outline before I set off, otherwise it would become so tangled and mired with tangential plots and dead end ideas that editing it into some form of readable book would be too time consuming.
At this time, I outline on post-it notes stuck on a big board, just putting down major plot points and character arcs, and once I have a firm starting point, I set off. The ending is a little more fluid in terms of detail, although I do know roughly where I’m going.
Character sketches are my latest distraction; I know a fair bit about my main characters before I start, but sometimes one of my minor characters suddenly decides to transmute into a major player, and then I have to sit down and detail their back story before I can continue – essential if they are to interact with plausible motivations.


What are you waiting for? Give it a go – you never know where your next reader might find you 😀


2 thoughts on “Have you found Book Goodies yet?

  1. Deborah, thanks so much for this great info! We are so lucky to have folks like you to share good stuff with us. I’m sorry I’m late responding. Have had company for several days, and I’m just now catching up. I definitely plan to do this one! 🙂


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