#ThorsDaySmile – #Humor – #AmLaughing

And here we go with another ThorsDay popping up again. Imagine that! 😉 This time around the god of Thunder has asked me to feature some animals of the wilder persuasion, and who am I to argue with him? It’s his day, after all. So, here are a few things I found that I hope will give you a chuckle or two! Enjoy!

That’s it for today’s walk on the wild side. Thanks for stopping by, and I hope
you got a few laughs from these!

#ThorsDaySmile – #Humor – #AmLaughing

Howdy, Folks! Yep, it’s #ThorsDay again, and time for another laugh or two. I plan to keep running this series every other ThorsDay as usual, but I suspect I will not be sharing quite so many images each time. Still, I hope you’ll find today’s offering fun. Thor decided that since he shared Cat Memes the last time, it was only fair to share Dog Memes this go around. So, here come a few canines to make you smile! Enjoy!

And there you have our Doggy Grins for the day.  Hope you found
a couple you enjoyed!
Thor will be back in two weeks, if the bridge don’t go, an’ the creek don’t rise. He’ll have a few more laughs for you then!

#ThorsdaySmile – #Humor – #AmLaughing

I’m always happy when #ThorsDay rolls around, because 1) the weekend is almost here, 2) it’s time for some chuckles, and 3) … THOR! Yes, a huge blonde Viking of a man makes me smile like crazy. That’s just how shallow I am! 😂😂😂 So with that thought in mind, here are some things I hope make YOU smile, too!

And for this last one,
feel free to insert your own caption:

And there you have it, folks. Some old, some new, some crazy, some true! 
It’s all good, as long as there were some you enjoyed!

#ThorsdaySmile – #Humor – #AmLaughing

Hurray! It’s ThorsDay, and you know what that means, right? Here come the memes! Hope you find some laughs among them! 

(This would be much funnier to me if it weren’t the absolute truth:)

Started with a spider joke. Figured I should end with one, too.
Sweet Dreams!! 


And that’s it for this #Thorsday!
Some old, some new(ish), but hopefully ALL worth a giggle!

#ThorsdaySmile – #Humor – #AmLaughing

Every other Thorsday, I share various humorous memes I’ve found over the years. Today, I decided to go all in, and share only memes with something to do with my favorite hammer-wielding god, pictured above. Yes, Thor, the god for whom this day of the week is actually named. So … in celebration of all things related to THIS particular son of Odin, here are a few memes I’ve found. Note to Mae: You might want to avert your eyes, but hopefully, most others will enjoy them. (Okay, I snuck a few bits in about you know who, but I kept them pretty Low Key. *snort*)

(Works for ME!)

And on that note, I’ll just wish you all —