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Wake-Robin Ridge, where ghosts walk, ancient legends abound, and things still go bump in the night!

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Wake-Robin Ridge Book 1
A Boy Named Rabbit: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 2
Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3


Riverbend, where the beasts that lurk in the dark river waters are never as dangerous as those that walk the quiet neighborhood streets!

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Don’t miss this opportunity to grab any and all books in either of my series! This is your chance to meet Wake-Robin Ridge’s MackKenzie Cole, Sarah Gray, and the amazing little boy named Rabbit. Or, if you prefer something a bit less mystical and ghostly, there’s always Riverbend’s Maggie Devlin, that Viking of a man, Gunnar Wolfe, the wise and beautiful Willow Greene, and all three of those  mostly lovable Painter brothers, Jackson, Forrest, and Hunter. Go for it! And please let the world know about this great deal. THANKS!

Wake-Robin Ridge
A Boy Named Rabbit: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 2
Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3

Swamp Ghosts: Riverbend Book 1
Finding Hunter: Riverbend Book 2

My Guest Post on


The lovely D.G. Kaye (Debby Geis) welcomed me to her blog today, for a chance to answer some interesting questions on how and why I became a writer at ths stage of my life. We touched on my latest release, Harbinger, as well as my thoughts on editing, inspiration, marketing, and my work in progress. Please take a look, and share with all your usual suspects. Deb will appreciate it, and so will I. (While you’re there, why not follow her blog, too?) THANKS!

D. G. Kaye’s Guest Post Featuring Marcia Meara

Excerpt From #Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3


Since things are a wee bit slow as summer heads into fall, I thought maybe I’d schedule another #ExcerptWeek. I will do a separate post on exactly when, and how to take part, so stay tuned for that. In the meantime, just to get you thinking about what you’d like to share with us, here’s an excerpt of my own from my latest book, Harbinger. A moment to provide a wee bit of comic relief in this shivery tale. Mac and Rabbit are on their way home from a visit with  Sheriff Raleigh Wardell, where 11-year old Rabbit got to spend time with Raleigh’s grandson, Finn. Rabbit was raised in the wilderness, and Finn is the first child he’s ever met. Today, he also met Finn’s sister, Merry, who has left him gobsmacked, as Raleigh would say.  Men are from Mars, Women from Venus? Maybe so. Hope you enjoy it.


Late Saturday Afternoon, March 22, 2014
Wake-Robin Ridge, North Carolina 


Rabbit nodded.

“You really enjoy visiting with Finn, don’t you?”

Rabbit nodded.

“His sister seems nice.”

Rabbit turned three shades of red.

Mac reached across the seat and tousled his hair. “You can do better than that, can’t you? After all, you knew Finn had a sister.”

Once again, Rabbit nodded.

“Well, then, what’s got you so quiet about meeting her? Are you saying she wasn’t nice?”

“No! I mean, she was okay. I guess.”

“Just okay? I thought she was very pretty, and she seemed like a friendly girl.”

Rabbit gave a long, drawn out sigh. “You wouldn’t understand,” he finally muttered.

“Wouldn’t I? Do you think you’re the only guy who’s ever felt shy around a girl?”

“Wasn’t shy.”


“Just didn’t know what to say to her.”

Mac grinned. “Ah. I see the fine distinction there.”

Scowling, Rabbit flushed redder than ever. “Don’t make fun. I ain’t never had that happen to me before.”

Mac’s smile disappeared, and he blew out a long breath. “I guess it does take some getting used to, doesn’t it? That feeling you get around them, when you want to say the right things, and look clever or funny, but nothing comes out the way you think it will.”

Rabbit turned sideways in his seat. “Did you feel like that when you met Mama? I mean, like every word you ever knew just up an’ left your brain, an’ you couldn’t quit starin’ at her, an’ you just knew that she could tell exactly what was happenin’ to you?”

Thinking back to the day he had raced down Sarah’s drive, hunting Rosheen, and had seen his future wife for the first time, Mac remembered the alarm he’d felt. “Yeah. I think you’ve about summed it up. Women have this way of turning men into powerless, speechless dolts sometimes, especially when we first lay eyes on them. It can knock the wind right out of our sails, but you’d better get used to it. You’re growing up fast, and it’s sure to happen more and more.”

“Huh.” Rabbit grew quiet again. After a few minutes, he blurted, “Trouble is, I can’t tell if I like feelin’ this way, or I hate it worse’n anything.”

“Welcome to the club, partner.”

He pulled his truck into the drive, and Rabbit raced for the house almost before it came to a stop. By the time Mac joined his family in the living room, the boy was in the middle of telling Sarah everything.

“An’ she was beautiful, Mama. Like you. Like an angel, but only wearin’ jeans an’ a t-shirt like me an’ Finn. An’ hangin’ on the fence to feed Pawnee an’ Peanuts, too.”

As Rabbit bounced a laughing Branna on his knee, Mac nodded his agreement. “She was, Sarah. A very pretty—”

“Beautiful,” corrected Rabbit, still tickling Branna.

“I mean beautiful. She was a very beautiful young girl. Charming, and just as nice as Finn.”

Rabbit handed Branna to Mac, then rose to pace back and forth across the living room floor. “I reckon I expected Finn’s sister would be just like him, only maybe wearin’ a dress, or carryin’ a doll, or somethin’. I never figured on someone like Merry. Are all girls so beautiful an’ smart?”

Sarah grinned at Mac before answering. “Some are, yes. And some aren’t. In that way, they’re very much like boys, Rabbit. Each one is different, but all of them are special.”

“Do they all make you feel unhappy about your own self?”

A slight frown touched her face as she responded. “How do you mean?”

“Dunno,” Rabbit mumbled, not meeting her eyes. “It’s hard to put in words. I reckon it’s that I wanted her to like me, but then I couldn’t come up with nothin’ good to say, an’ I started thinkin’ she wasn’t never gonna like no boy raised on a mountain like I was, anyway. I don’t even go to school, or into towns, or nothin’. For the first time, I saw there wasn’t all that much about me for her to like.”

Mac and Sarah started to protest at the same time, but Mac gave way and let his wife speak.

“Oh, Rabbit. You don’t ever have to feel bad about who you are. You’re so special, and so sweet, any girl would be happy to have you as a friend. Just you wait. If Merry doesn’t know this already, she soon will.”

“You sure, Mama? I’m askin’ you ‘bout this here stuff, ‘cause Daddy already told me that men mostly can’t understand women at all, so I figured you’d be the one who could ‘splain these things to me. I ain’t never had to think ‘bout girls before.” Rabbit’s voice went up an octave as a panicked expression swept across his features. “An’ now, I can’t think about nothin’ else!”

Mac ruffled Rabbit’s hair. “Don’t worry, Little Rabbit. Women might not make sense to you right now, or maybe even later on, but trust me on this. They’re worth it.”


Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3


#FREE Today: #Harbinger – Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3

Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3

Just a quick reminder, the 3rd book in the Wake-Robin Ridge series is FREE today and tomorrow only.

The story of one man slowly being driven mad by guilt, while another grows closer to his very gifted son every day, Harbinger is full of love, laughter, and oh, yeah–shivers galore. Through it all, MacKenzie Cole  and that little boy named Rabbit form an unbreakable bond, as they work together to right a terrible wrong.

And remember, in the mountains, you can run, but you can’t hide! Not forever, and certainly not from the Black Dog!

Wake-Robin Ridge Book 1
A Boy Named  Rabbit: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 2
Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3

#ExcerptWeek – Another #Harbinger Excerpt on Carmen’s Blog

One of my inspirations for the Birdwell drive.

Just wanted to share a brand new excerpt from Harbinger, for those who’d like to read a completely different type of scene. This one features Mac and his adopted son, Rabbit, hiking up a long, deserted mountain driveway to an abandoned cabin. I won’t go into the reasons they’re headed that way, because it would involve spoilers, but I think the scene might capture your imagination, anyway. Hope you’ll take a minute to check it out, and my heartfelt thanks to Carmen for having me as a guest on her blog. (I’m still trying to get my head around the idea that someone in Romania is posting a sample of my work. What a world we live in!)

Check out the Excerpt HERE.


Available on Amazon in Print and Kindle Format

#ExcerptWeek – Harbinger by Marcia Meara


Thought I’d squeeze in an excerpt of my own, if you guys will indulge me. This is a scene from Chapter 3 of  Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3. Hope it gives you a shiver or two, and you get a small hint as to the kind of man Cadey Hagen is, along the way. Enjoy!


3:00 A.M. Sunday, March 2, 2014
Morganton, North Carolina

EYELASHES FROZEN, EACH gasping breath a snowy plume in the frigid night air, the boy ran for his life. Heart pounding, he scrambled up the wooded slope, terror driving him faster and faster.

There! Just ahead, a warm light glowed in a small window. Home. Safety. Only a few yards more.

He lurched forward, sure he was going to make it, now. His heart sang with joy, even as his foot slid on an icy patch of old snow, and he went down hard, knocking the wind right out of himself. The metallic taste of blood from his bitten tongue flooded his mouth, and for a moment, he couldn’t move. He was simply too tired to keep going.

No, no, no…get up. You got to get up. You’re almost there.

Desperation gave him a last burst of energy, and panting, he struggled to his knees. The woods loomed dark and silent around him, and he dared to hope he had outrun his pursuer. Then he heard it. A soft rumble at first, the sound built into a full-throated growl, coming from the last stretch of trees between him and his daddy’s tiny cabin. Somehow, it had gotten in front of him. He was cut off!

As he stared in horror, two glowing pinpoints of red appeared not ten feet away, growing steadily larger, as the beast stepped out of the bushes and into the moonlight. The dog was huge, and black as coal. And those fiery eyes stared unblinking, directly into his.

Whimpering, he felt a rush of warmth as he wet himself. He’d seen the Black Dog, and that meant it had come for him. He was going to die.

Somewhere in the dim recesses of his mind, he heard his aunt calling his name, but it was already too late. When Ol’ Shuck shows up to get you, it’s always too late. Still, she called, her voice coming from far away.

“Cadey? Cadey . . . ?”

He tried to answer, but could make no sound, and stood helpless, watching. Just before it leapt, the Black Dog’s lips peeled back, revealing long, gleaming teeth. Hot, foul breath washed over his face, as Ol’ Shuck opened its mouth impossibly wide, and Cadey tumbled forward into its reeking maw.

At last, he screamed.

“Cadey? Cadey? Wake up. You’re tearin’ all the blankets off the bed with your thrashin’ around. Come on. Wake up, honey.”

With a cry, Cadey Hagen bolted upright, head swiveling this way and that, as he recognized the familiar shadows of his darkened bedroom.

His wife of ten years was sitting up, as well, her face lined with concern. “Are you okay now? You were havin’ a bad dream, hon. Haven’t had one like that in a while, have you? You want to talk? Bet you won’t be goin’ back to sleep any time soon. I can make coffee, if you like. It won’t be any trouble, Cadey. How about I make some coffee for us, and you tell me about your dream? Would you like that?”

What he would like would be for his wife to shut the hell up and let him catch his breath. But of course, that wasn’t going to happen. The woman didn’t know how to close that mouth of hers, even when he asked her to.

“No, Vonda. No need to get up. I’ll be fine in a minute. Just go back to sleep, okay?” He swung his legs over the side of the bed.

“Where are you goin’? I mean, I really can make some coffee, if you can’t go back to sleep. I’ll be happy to get up with you.”

“Vonda, for God’s sake. Can I just go pee by myself? I’ll be back as soon as I’m done in the bathroom. I don’t want to talk, and I don’t want to listen to you talk, either.”

He glanced at the clock. “It’s three in the morning. No one drinks coffee at three in the morning, even if they’ve had a bad dream. Now go to sleep, dammit!”

To give her credit, she did shut up then, lying back down, but her hurt silence made more noise than her rapid-fire chatter. He knew if he didn’t apologize, the rest of the night would be a lost cause.

He patted her arm. “Sorry. I didn’t mean to snap at you. It was just the dream still hanging on. Really, I’m fine now. Just go back to sleep, and I will, too, when I’m done. We can talk tomorrow, if you want.”

She gave him a tremulous smile, nodded, and turned over, always ready to do his bidding. It was one thing he really liked about her. Maybe the only thing.

In the privacy of the bathroom, he sat on the closed toilet seat, and buried his head in his hands. The dream had really shaken him up, even though he’d been having it every three or four months for twenty years. You’d think it would have disappeared by now, or at least changed in some way. Or maybe, he could just once be smart enough to realize it was the dream, as soon as it started.

But no. That never happened. And every single time, it all proceeded exactly the same way, except for one odd thing. It was always the same season in the dream world that it was in the real one.

Other than that, nothing ever changed. The dream would start with him running through the dark woods, heart pounding, and desperation building, as he tried to make it back to the safety of his home. Every painful gasp, every terrified cry, the same each time, until he pitched forward into the foul-smelling darkness of that hideous mouth.

When his shivers subsided, he washed the sweat from his face, got a drink of water, and headed back to bed, where Vonda already snored softly. Hoping he’d have no trouble falling to sleep, he crawled in beside her. Only a few hours until he had to be at church, to take care of several tasks before his Bible study class got underway. Plus, there were items to get ready before regular services started, too.

Being the deacon at the Light of Grace Baptist church carried important responsibilities, and he wanted to be sure people noticed how well he carried them out.


Harbinger: Wake-Robin Ridge Book 3 is available on Amazon here, in both print and Kindle format. (Do be aware that  while it can be read alone, there are some things that will make more sense if you’ve read the preceding two.)