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The lovely D.G. Kaye (Debby Geis) welcomed me to her blog today, for a chance to answer some interesting questions on how and why I became a writer at ths stage of my life. We touched on my latest release, Harbinger, as well as my thoughts on editing, inspiration, marketing, and my work in progress. Please take a look, and share with all your usual suspects. Deb will appreciate it, and so will I. (While you’re there, why not follow her blog, too?) THANKS!

D. G. Kaye’s Guest Post Featuring Marcia Meara

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    • Thanks, Darlene! Rebecca is my favorite book of all time. I named my daughter Erin Rebecca in honor of it, and don’t think she didn’t have a hissy fit when she finally read it and found out exactly the kind of woman Rebecca was. I had to do some fast talking to explain she was named after the beautiful book and not the wretched woman! 😀

      Glad you enjoyed the interview! I very much appreciated Deb inviting me over to her wonderful blog.

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      • The first book I read by Daphne du Maurier was The House on the Strand and I loved it! Much later I read Rebecca and Jamaica Inn. These books enticed me to visit England and Cornwall in particular. I love her style of writing and still enjoy reading the classics from time to time. I love that you named your daughter after the book Rebecca. My daughter couldn´t understand why I loved Gone with the Wind as she thought Scarlet O´Hara was an awful person. So glad I didn´t name her Scarlet!!

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        • I read Rebecca when I was 12 (sixty years ago), and long before House on the Strand had been written. But I loved that one, too. And Jamaica Inn, Fisherman’s Creek, The Scapegoat, and pretty much everything she ever wrote. Loved the Hitchcock movie “Rebecca,” as well. He did a marvelous job of capturing the atmosphere. And did you know his movie “The Birds” was based on a du Maurier short story?

          Lucky you to have visited all those places my heart longs to see!!! Someday!

          Scarlett O’Hara really was an awful, spoiled, petty, selfish person. I do think she’d learned a few lessons by the end of the book, but I’m not sure how much she changed fundamentally. Still, I loved both the book and the movie, though my husband considers the movie to be the biggest bore he ever had to sit through. 🙂

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