#ExcerptWeek – Another #Harbinger Excerpt on Carmen’s Blog

One of my inspirations for the Birdwell drive.

Just wanted to share a brand new excerpt from Harbinger, for those who’d like to read a completely different type of scene. This one features Mac and his adopted son, Rabbit, hiking up a long, deserted mountain driveway to an abandoned cabin. I won’t go into the reasons they’re headed that way, because it would involve spoilers, but I think the scene might capture your imagination, anyway. Hope you’ll take a minute to check it out, and my heartfelt thanks to Carmen for having me as a guest on her blog. (I’m still trying to get my head around the idea that someone in Romania is posting a sample of my work. What a world we live in!)

Check out the Excerpt HERE.


Available on Amazon in Print and Kindle Format

17 thoughts on “#ExcerptWeek – Another #Harbinger Excerpt on Carmen’s Blog

  1. Reblogged this on Bookin' It and commented:

    Had a chance to share an excerpt from Harbinger on Carmen Stefanescu’s blog. Carmen is a writer in Romania, and I’m very grateful for the opportunity to share with her followers. Hope you’ll check it out.

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  2. You are always welcome on my blog, Marcia! Everything there is in English so no difficulty in reading the posts.
    All my followers speak English, in fact, most of them are from USA.
    And I welcome anyone of the members here who want to advertise their work.( You see, I haven’t said Promo).
    I am delighted that your series has supernatural elements, something I thoroughly enjoy.

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    • Thanks, Carmen. And you weren’t wrong to say Promo. I just understood your meaning wrong, because we tend to say it when being specific about an “event.” Sort of like the difference in saying my book is “for sale,” compared to I’m having “a sale.” The first USUALLY means the normal price, and the second is a reduction of some sort. It’s not incorrect, but because I’m more used to the word “Promo” being attached to a short-term sale, I misread what you wanted. A simple miscommunication, is all. 🙂

      I hope some of the good folks here take you up on advertising their work, whether it’s on sale for a reduced price or not. Always good to get the word out as far and wide as possible. I sure appreciated your letting me do so on your blog!

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    • I promise there won’t be another book out in THIS one for about a year. Today, I just started the draft for the third Riverbend book, and that will take me through the rest of the summer and fall. Hoping to have it done by year’s end, so I can then start on Wake-Robin #4. 😀 You need to READ like the wind, too, Debby!! 😀 In the meantime, I’m eagerly awaiting the Prince’s Son! 😀 So, let’s see, we must both write, edit, publish, and read . . . like the WIIIIIIIINNNNNND!!!

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    • I will share excerpts anywhere that wants them, Deb! Even here, which I plan to do again today, since it is STILL #ExcerptWeek, after all! 😀 You should, too. Look how many people loved the one you already showed us. 😀

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      • Ouch, did I just feel that whip again? Lol, ok Marcia, you are so right, if we got it we should flaunt it, lol.
        I was wanting to share a bit of my newest WIP, still in only 2nd draft, so I’d like to make that clear, lol. I’m off for errands today soon, it’s my one day out, lol. If I send tomorrow afternoon is that too late? (I’ll need the morning to go over chapters to pick out most polished, lol. 🙂

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        • Nope, tomorrow is fine! This will run through Sunday night, and then things will get back to normal. And I LOVE reading bits from WIPs. Why not? Just let folks know, so they understand it’s not yet ready for publishing, and all should be well. You might even get some interesting feedback. (Oh, and I hardly think you’ll need to ASK if I’ve got my whip out again. I’m getting very good at cracking it. 😀 😀 😀 ) Now flaunt, away!

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    • Thanks for reblogging Debby’s post, Judith. Once everyone got with the program, this event has been pretty cool, I think. So glad to see folks participating and sharing, both. Of course, you always do such a good job of that. ❤

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  3. We all have times like that. Sometimes I think I’ll be clever and talk to my daughter at the same time I’m on Facebook. You’d be surprised at the things i do. I once spent minutes sharing people’s stuff before I realised I’d typed I’d Shred instead of Shared. One came back to me to ask why I’d rubbished her thoughts!!. Jx

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