#ReblogAlert – Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord RoundUp Post

Sorry I’m late folks. A very busy, hectic, but basically good weekend. I’m running way behind, but had to take a minute to share Sally’s roundup post with you. It’s another super collection of all sorts of goodies! You’ll love it!

Check out Sally’s Smorgasbord RoundUp Post HERE

Happy Reading (And Listening!)

17 thoughts on “#ReblogAlert – Sally Cronin’s Smorgasbord RoundUp Post

    • You’re welcome, Gwen. I know it was late, but I still wanted to pass it along. And I’m sorry I didn’t get my #MondayMeme feature done. 😦 Crazy busy around here right now. I can’t even blame it on my writing, because I’ve been too swamped for that, too. *sigh* Hoping tomorrow will see me catching up a bit more.

      Thanks for stopping by! 🙂 ❤

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    • I’ve been out in the remains of our garden, too, Sally, but working like crazy before it gets another degree hotter, and I won’t be able do anything else out there until some time around November or so, when it MIGHT cool down to the low 80s again. Gotta keep replanting and mulching and cleaning up while I still can. Early morning is about all I can handle now, sitting under a beach umbrella to weed and plant! But at least I’ve gotten one or two beds back into shape with new shrubs and flowers! That’s a far cry better than working all day and not being able to SEE what’s been done, due to how much still remained ahead. So progress.

      And I’m ALWAYS happy to share your fabulous recap post, and amazed at what you and your cohorts manage to share every week. Keep on rockin’, girlfriend! 😀 ❤

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    • As long as I’m making progress, I’m fine with the work. But for a long time, we’d put out 8 or 10 trash cans full of yard waste, and it wasn’t even making a DENT in what was left! URK. Now, at least, I can see things starting to shape up again, one small area at a time. It feels MUCH better now, and I’m almost able to believe we’ll get it all beautiful again. 😀

      Always happy to share Sally’s roundup. SO much good stuff there! 😀

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        • Truly, my neighbors are astounded at the weekly line of yard waste cans. But then again, it was a big hurricane and we were hit by one of the tornados it spawned. So it made a BIG mess! 😀 And we move a lot slower these days, for sure. But we are going with easier maintenance plants this time, lots of mulch to reduce weeding, and some other choices to keep things looking good with less work. And then we are praying fervently that we never get hit like that again.

          Been through countless hurricanes over my lifetime, many of which passed directly over our houses, but Irma was the first one that caused us any serious damage to the house, or anything more than a few limbs down in the yard. So really, we’ve been lucky.

          Still … one was enough. 😀 😀 😀


    • Down here, winters are our busy time, and when the garden looks the most beautiful. Summer heat is almost as hard on some plants as it is on some people … like me. 😀 I’ll soon be confining myself to our indoor projects so I don’t have to be outside in triple digit temps. I’m planning to paint the entire interior of the house, and Mark is putting down new baseboards. Stuff like that will keep us busy until it’s really nice outside again, long about November thru February. Sometimes March. 😀

      Old Motto: “Florida. We do things differently here!” 😂

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        • Painting is something I enjoy doing, Diana. And I’m pretty fast and neat about it. Usually. I painted the entire interior when we moved in 17 years ago, and it definitely needs refreshing. And a couple of color changes for a new look, too. This is one job I’m looking forward to. 😀

          Temps outside have been ranging from high 80s during the rainy days to mid-90s on the hottest so far. Expecting to slip into those dreaded triple digits in the next couple of weeks, but honestly, once it passes 90, I’m miserable beyond belief out there. My idea of perfect temps are 60s at night and 70s in the daytime. Oh, yeah. I could live with that. 😁

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  1. I’m behind you and watching you disappear into the distance! It’s been hectic here, too, and temperatures of 91.5 predicted for today. I don’t know how you survive in Florida AND manage to do anything! Thanks for the reblog alert – I’m just trying to catch up now.xx


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