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If you haven’t already visited Story Empire today, I highly recommend you swing by and take a look at Craig Boyack’s post wrapping up his series on Expansion Pack: Comedy. Some good ideas in this one, and well worth checking out.Β  Don’t forget to pass it along so others can take a look too, thanks. And thanks, Craig, for another fun and helpful read! To visit the post, click here:

Expansion Pack: Comedy Wrap Up

8 thoughts on “#ReblogAlert #Sharing

    • You’re welcome, Gwen, and yes, I do. As I remarked on the post, I’m better at writing funny dialogue, I think. I don’t know how to write a truly funny book, and I sure don’t know how to come up with wildly imaginative and hilarious characters like Craig does. I mostly stick to writing characters who are the kinds of folks I’ve been around all my life, and sometimes they say funny things. But what Craig does takes a whole different set of skills, I think. I was happy to pass this one along, for sure. πŸ™‚


  1. Thanks for sharing this, Marcia. I loved Craig’s The Hat but don’t seem to have inherited the humour writing gene. I also love jokes but can’t tell them for the life of me!

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    • I don’t tell “standard” jokes, like the “Did you hear the one about …?” sort of thing, either. Nor have I written a deliberately funny story. (Yet.) I just enjoy snappy comebacks and see things from a funny perspective, sometimes. And you do that, as well, Trish. Don’t discount your sense of humor just because it isn’t more structured. I’ve read too many droll and funny retorts from you in your emails, so I know you have a quick, often dry, wit. And a good one.

      This doesn’t mean you have to include it in your books. I like humor to break up tense moments, but it isn’t a necessity, by any means. And in some stories, would likely feel out of place. I think it depends on both the situation and the characters involved. With my cast of “good ol’ boys” in Riverbend, it feels like it fits their personalities to me. That doesn’t mean it would work with other characters. And certainly not in all situations.

      But should you want to include humor in future books, Craig’s posts on the matter could be helpful, and I feel sure you could do it, if it fit your story. Honest! πŸ˜€

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