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I think I’m overdue for an update on several things, and figured today would be a great day to take care of that. First and foremost, I wanted to let you all know that we are having back-to-back Tuesday/Wednesday guests here for the next two weeks, as I finish up scheduling things for this year.

Next week, our #GuestDayTuesday guest will be Jaye Marie, sharing her newest release with us. And our #TenThingsYouMayNotKnowAboutMe guest will be Mike Allegra with another of his fun posts for you.  The following week, Jackie Lambert will be back on #GuestDayTuesday with a super Travelogue post, and Kassandra Lamb will be sharing her #TenThings list on Wednesday. I know you don’t want to miss any of these, hence the heads up that there will be double treats each of those weeks.

Still keeping with The Write Stuff news, I also wanted to remind you that you’ll see a slow down by the end of October, with one more #GuestDayTuesday post from Mike Allegra on October 18, and the final guest post of the year on December 15, as Jackie Lambert finishes her series posts for this year. 

I’ll be putting out a call for more guests in January 2023, but the posts listed above will wrap up my guests for 2022, as I continue with my blogging slow down.


Now on to the reasons for the blogging slow down. Most of you know I’ve had several health issues to deal with for the last year or two. I’ve done such a good job on managing my diabetes, I just may brag about that in future posts, but I’ve been dealing with Long COVID since February. No, it isn’t the actual virus, thankfully, but suffice it to say I’m heartily SICK of so many days when I simply can’t do everything I want to do thanks to recurring symptoms. I’ve always been a pretty active person with all sorts of projects and interests going on, so being unable to even keep up with my blog is annoying as blazes. And not being able to focus on writing is breaking my heart! (Thank you, Brain Fog!) While I’ve seen some improvement (Hallelujah!), I NEED to kick this stuff to the curb, and thus my clever plan for some R&R!

Cutting back on my blog posts as the year draws to a close will give me time to focus on regaining my health and perhaps even returning to writing, before I get so old I forget what WORDS are. (As if, huh? 😁) Thank you to all who have offered encouragement and support for my doing just that! 

While I will post something each week, the posts will likely be shorter, fun things, just to keep you from forgetting about The Write Stuff.  I might even close comments on some of them, depending on how much energy I have for responding. You CAN expect to see #Granny Says (she’s already scheduled through year’s end) and #ThorsDaySmile, at least through the last two in  November.

I will also post quick #Updates now and then too, so you’ll know if I’m making any progress on the health front. And I’ve also already scheduled a few scattered seasonal quickies here and there, several of which will focus on sharing some poetry I’ve always loved from days gone by. Stay tuned for a broad spectrum of my all-time favorites, from Emily Dickinson to James Whitcomb Riley and many more. Hope you’ll find them fun, whether you’re re-reading them once again or discovering them for the first time.

Thanks for hanging in there with me this far.  I felt a bit of explanation was due, so you wouldn’t think I disappeared into a black hole somewhere. 


And now that the serious stuff is done, may I just add that it’s predicted to hit 88 degrees again here today, and I cannot tell you how jealous I am of those of you who live where there is an actual autumn cool-down underway!  I’ll be laughing all winter when I’m enjoying perfect weather while many of you are shoveling snow, but for now, you get to laugh at those of us dealing with Fall In Florida!  Hope you get a chuckle or two to help pay for sticking with this long post to the bitter (and sweltering) end! Enjoy:

And there you have it folks!
Thanks for reading this long update …


#ThorsDaySmile – #Humor – #AmLaughing

Thor told me he wanted animals today, but that he was getting a little bit bored with mere cats and dogs. Well, who am I to argue with the God of Thunder? If he wants wildlife, that’s what he’ll get, so here you go … Wild Animal Memes Part 1!

And one more quokka, because … OMG, CUTE!

And that’s it for this week’s Parade of Funny Wildlife.
Hope you enjoyed it, because there could be more coming next time!
Now have a great ThorsDay, and an even greater weekend!

#EndlessSummer – #AmLaughing – #Humor

I don’t want to say that it’s been too hot in Florida this year, since I’ve lived through worse summers many, many times, BUT …  I DID celebrate that it only went up to 82 degrees today, and I don’t think I was the only one.

It appears cooler weather is in big demand,
and warnings have been issued, to wit:

Okay, so this is all totally bogus (except for the part about the temps running anywhere from 82 to 93 degrees in the last few days), but I thought these pictures were too cute not to share. Hope you enjoyed them.

#ThorsDaySmile – #Humor – #AmLaughing

Don’t know about you guys, but I’ve been trying to regain my health and continue with my weight loss, only a bit more slowly and safely than the last time I focused on it.  This endeavor got me to thinking about gyms and the folks who swear by them.  And that, of course, sent me looking for a few memes on the topic. Thor snorted himself silly over these, so I figured I’d share them with you guys. Hope you get a few silly snorts from them, too!

And there you have a whole bunch of
muscles and sweat to make you laugh!
Hope it worked!

#ThorsDaySmile – #AmLaughing – #Humor

A little bit o’ this, an’ a little bit o’ that, an’ a lotta animals, too! That’s what Thor demanded, and I never argue with Norse gods! So, here you go, folks. Hope you find a few smiles amid the silliness.

(And Finally, Add Your Own Caption!)

And there you have it! Some old, some new(ish),
and some funny enough to make the rounds again!
Hope you found a few smiles!