#BadMoonRising If Darkness Takes Us by Brenda Marie Smith #postapocalyptic #thriller

Author Brenda Marie Smith is being featured today on Teri Polen’s Bad Moon Rising post. Very clever and entertaining interview and a couple of super scary sounding books, too. You’ll definitely enjoy checking this one out, and I hope you’ll also remember to pass it along so others can enjoy it, too. Thanks, and thanks again, Teri. I’m SO loving this great October series! 🙂

Books and Such

You may remember this author from last year’s Bad Moon when she introduced this book. It’s being featured again this year – but she has a blurb for part two, If the Light Should Come, which will be released June 29, 2021! Find out what she listens to while writing to set the tone for her apocalyptic novel – perfectly understandable. Welcome Brenda Marie Smith!

Would you rather sleep in a coffin for one night or spend the night in a haunted house?

It depends on where the coffin is and whether or not it can be left open. No way I’m sleeping in a closed coffin until I’m dead, at which point I won’t actually be sleeping. But I could do an open coffin as long as it’s in a relatively safe place. If both these conditions can’t be met, then I’ll grab some ghost-busting weapons and take…

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