The Nutshell Climactic Choice and Final Step

Today, Staci Troilo is posting her last entry in her excellent series analyzing the Nutshell Technique as created by Jill Chamberlain. This has been quite an eye opener for me, and I plan to study it in more detail, thanks to Staci’s careful explanations. You can even download a PDF template to help you implement the techniques in your next book. I highly recommend you stop by to check out the conclusion to the series, and would ask that you share the post far and wide so others can learn more about the technique as well. Thanks, and thanks to Staci for a very interesting and informative series. 🙂

Story Empire

Comedy Tragedy

Ciao, SEers. If you’ve been following along when it’s my turn to chat with you, you’ll remember we’re discussing Jill Chamberlain’s Nutshell method. If you’ve missed one or more of the installments or need a refresher on any of them, you can find the other posts here:

Today, we’ve reached the last of her concepts—the climactic choice and the final step.

Climactic Choice

The climactic choice is the crux of the climax itself.

In an Aristotelean comedy, this occurs when the protagonist is at his or her lowest (in crisis) and is faced with that between-a-rock-and-a-hard-place decision. Here, he or she chooses to move away from his or her flaw and toward the opposite strength.

In an Aristotelean tragedy, this occurs when the protagonist believes he or she is at the pinnacle…

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