“The Kids Are Back in School” #Sale – Last 2 Days!

Only two more days to take advantage of my $.99 “The Kids Are Back in School” Sale. All 8 of my books are on sale for the last time this year, so don’t miss out. Download yours now.     http://amzn.to/2p4IaPP

9 thoughts on ““The Kids Are Back in School” #Sale – Last 2 Days!

    • Thanks, Diana! I don’t give away free books anymore, but I do try to have a few sales throughout the year. This will be the last big one, probably, so we’ll see how it all ends up. 🙂 ❤

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        • I’ve had mixed results with sales, too, but free turned out to be disastrous for me. Gave away hundreds and garnered something like 3 reviews. GAH. I just don’t do them anymore. If the sales work, great. If they don’t, at least I haven’t lost anything. 😉

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            • An uptick in sales would be worth it. That’s why we want the reviews, anyway, when you get down to it. But though I had one, I didn’t feel it was enough of one to warrant so many freebies. I never say never, and certainly might try one again someday. But I’m more comfortable with a price reduction now and then, I think. And when I was cranking out two full length novels a year, that kept overall sales going, but with the hurricane interrupting our lives for so long, I lost that momentum. Hopefully, I’ll get it going again with The Emissary 2, and then finishing Wake-Robin Ridge 4. We’ll see how that works out. (It’s always such a guessing game, isn’t it?)

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