An Up & Down Update

The stress of pushing the publish buttons…


Untitled 22Over a week ago I admitted to being a writer, provided as evidence the reveal of a shiny new book cover that is to contain a collection of short fiction. The update is that I continued to struggle with formatting issues, in my ineptitude too ridiculous to discuss. Now I am somewhat less inept. I also found more editing and revising to do, the net result being further delay to completion of the publication of this collection. So still I wait.

I am not sure exactly what it is I wait for. A book, available to any and all…

I can tell you how the waiting goes, what it is like. The cliché simile might be a seesaw or a yo-yo, ups and downs. I vacillate between pride and paranoia, delight and dread. It is exciting to know that soon I will have a book out in the world; it…

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10 thoughts on “An Up & Down Update

    • And what a nice one, too! So great to see you popping in! Thanks for sharing your Ups & Downs with us here on the Write Stuff! You should do it more often. 😀 Heading over to read the full post now. ❤

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  1. So glad you shifted me over to Shiftnshake, Marcia. Like you (and so many of us), I’m shaking in my head when the time comes to push that “publish” button. I’m halfway into my next novel and loving the writing, dreading when it’s time to push that button. But once pushed, the feeling is more than magical. xo

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