24 thoughts on “#MondayMeme #MondayBlogs

    • Well, SOME days I think it is, but honestly, all kidding aside, most of the time, I can say I’ve never been happier. At last I’m doing what I knew at FIVE I wanted to do. And it’s a joy to wake up each morning, and sit down to write. (It’s the stuff that sometimes gets in my way that makes me mad and/or depressed!) So fear not. Go forth in great joy and WRITE LIKE THE WIND!!! (Huh?) πŸ˜€

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  1. Thank you, my friend! You are both wise and humorous. Some would say these are the main ingredients needed for enlightenment. You’re on your way! When I was 5, I told my mother I was going to do something like Jesus when I grew up. So far I’ve only managed to flog a few wealthy money changers. Maybe I’d best stick to writing… πŸ˜€


  2. hahahaha! This cracked me up. Really happy I found your blog and thanks for the motivation/inspiration/and laughs! My writer’s mantra is β€œdo not let self-doubt diminish that gift.” I recently read a writing guide that I have been recommending to my writer friends called β€œCreative Visualization for Writers.” The author Nina Amir delivers on so many levels with this book, and has come up with a truly β€œholistic” approach to writing. Without sounding condescending, but rather quite consultative, she almost provides a handbook on how to tap into one’s creativity and writing innovation. I actually have made more progress on my own novella in the month since I read her work than I had made in the previous 18 months. I applaud you, Ms. Amir! Anybody that is feeling stuck should give this a try. It’s hard not to gain momentum after taking this one in. Hope you will check it out. Her website is super information too: http://ninaamir.com/
    Thanks again


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