Testing New Email

Just trying to make sure my blogs all send posts and comments alerts to my new email address. (More on that later.) You may safely ignore this, unless you’d like to email me at marciameara16@gmail.com so you can be added to my new contact list, too, as I phase out the Roadrunner/Outlook Satan’s Spawn Duo! I’ve already moved many of of my regular email contacts, but if you aren’t sure, feel free to email me at the gmail address. Thanks!

13 thoughts on “Testing New Email

    • Working on it. Soon as I finish setting up one thing, I find something else that’s missing or not working. Just discovered that my Wi-Fi wasn’t working. Took way too long to fix. GAH. But, I’ve got gmail up and running, and it looks like my posts and alerts are coming through there, now, instead of the old email. That’s a HUGE step! I haven’t had much time to figure out Windows 10 yet because of all these other issues, but frankly, I don’t think it will be TOO big a deal, compared to this stuff. It’s mostly just annoying that I have to reinstall or repurchase so many programs, OR find substitutes for the ones that aren’t around anymore. 😦 But, boy, I’m enjoying how fast this machine is! Soon, it will be comfortable again, and I’ll put this entire ordeal behind me. 😀

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