Assessing my October Promotions

Authors, if you’ve done any kind of promo for your books (giveaways, reduced price, free) you’ll find this post from C. S. Boyack over at Story Empire interesting. Craig takes a look at a number of different promos he’s run and the results he netted from each!

Story Empire

I started gearing up for October promotion way back this Spring. It involved an email exchange with Mae Clair that led to forming the Story Empire collective. That includes the formation of this blog, and our mutual promotions.

I also wanted to do a bunch of solo promotion, and that’s what this assessment is going to be about. Regular followers of my blog know I do assessments from time to time, and since they can be helpful to my fellow authors, I thought this might be a good place to post one. I may touch upon the Story Empire promotions, but it’s too soon for an assessment of our group efforts.

Assessments are like any other numbers game. You can make the numbers tell you anything you want. If you look at money spent vs. money earned, my promotions were all losers. That doesn’t give you the whole picture though…

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7 thoughts on “Assessing my October Promotions

  1. Great share from Craig. Like he says, and like we all say, I think every promo runs differently depending on the genre and other various factors. But I’ll agree with them that I get a lot more traction out of sales running a free promo better than kindle countdown. 🙂

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  2. My publisher had run .99 cent sales for me that have been very successful but they normally run them for a month. I’ve done short duration free days but never short duration .99 days on my indie titles. That’s actually a great idea, Marcia. I think when things settle down for me I’ll give it a shot with Eclipse Lake. Many thanks for the suggestion!

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