Update on Setting Things Up & Starting Over


Just Relaxing, Here!
(I Wish!)

Well, I said it would take me a week or longer to get everything set up, and I was half right. A week ain’t gonna do it. Longer might. 🙂 At least I’ve got my blogs accessible, though I haven’t had much time for posting. And my email is coming in properly (knock wood!), though I’m still trying to learn how to organize gmail the way I want. But this is a vast improvement over just a couple of days ago.

Replacing all the programs I lost is taking a lot of time. Some things I can do without, but others, I really need, and must repurchase, in some cases, or locate online and reinstall. Changing my email address on all the blogs I follow, and other utility sites (like Twitter, Hootsuite, Facebook, etc) is taking for-EVER.

Bottom line is, I’m following you guys as best I can, but if I haven’t been responding to the latest posts on your blogs, it’s because I end every day with a ToDo list that’s longer than it was when the day began. And oh, yeah. I’m trying to write a book here, too. 😀

 I apologize for not being able to keep up right now, but as soon as I possibly can, I’ll be back to sharing your posts with the Immediate World. 🙂 Surely a few more days will do it.

THANKS!! Now back to your previously scheduled program. 😀

21 thoughts on “Update on Setting Things Up & Starting Over

    • Yep. I’m very definitely making progress. I just hate it when I can’t take part in the sharing between blogs, etc. But better to forge ahead with this, and get it over with. 🙂


    • Aw, thanks, Mae! I’ll take all the cheering I can get. On the plus side, I managed to finish CH 14 of That Darkest Place this morning, in between other tasks, and that made me feel better than anything else I’ve done. (Since switching to gmail, that is.) Oh, how I had missed writing. I was getting pretty worried about what those Painter boys might be up to in my absence. 😀

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    • Good luck. I am so far behind, it was making me snivel and whine. A lot. 😯 So getting the next chapter done has helped. Now to see what my beta readers think of it. (Yes, they read along with my draft, chapter by chapter. I find it VERY helpful to get feedback immediately, and see if the chapter did what I wanted it to do. And my betas are all ROCK STARS!) 😀 Hope you get lots done, too, so you can feel all virtuous and pleased with yourself. Feels good, for a change! 😀

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      • I work with a critique partner and we do chapter to chapter as well. I like the get feedback when I’m working as opposed to when the ms is finished. If there’s a glitch I want to catch it immediately instead of having to go back and rework something after the fact. Here’s hoping we both make great progress!

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        • That’s exactly what and how I do it, except I have multiple partners, and I get feedback on several levels. Some are very good at catching typos early on, while some read for pleasure, and let me know if the story line is keeping their interest. I like catching things that don’t work for readers early on, too, like you. No point in having to go back through the entire book to remove a character or plot device that readers don’t like.

          I started doing it this way from the start, because I was new and very insecure. I’m still both of those things, but I’d keep doing it this way, regardless. Their comments at the end of every chapter fire me up for the next one. And I end up with a cleaner draft that is easier to work with in revision. That means I send my editor cleaner work, too, which speeds up that process as well. I’m sold on the chapter by chapter approach, regardless. And my betas (I have 7 reading along with That Darkest Place) seem to enjoy following along with a serialized version of the book. Plus, they know their comments often inspire changes that make it into the final version, and I think they enjoy that, too. Some of them have been with me through every book, and I really value their thoughts. 🙂

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  1. You’re a trooper Marsh. You’re doing wonderful. It’s a dreaded task starting over. The email is the added headache for you. The other stuff is bad enough. I’ve encountered 3 computer crashes in my writing career, so I do know how it feels to start from scratch again. Yuck! You’re almost there girl! 🙂 ❤


  2. This: “I end every day with a ToDo list that’s longer than it was when the day began.” I face this everyday. But over to you. This is a major undertaking. And everything will take longer than you think. You’ll get there. Best of luck. 🙂

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