#ThatDarkestPlace Teaser & Catching Up

That Darkest Place: Riverbend Book 3
Coming January, 2017

Hurricane Matthew clean-up goes on. Mark has taken Monday & Tuesday off to finish up, and I’m digging out from under a ton of emails, and playing catch up on my blogs. Bear with me, if you would. Hopefully, life will be approaching normal very soon.

In the meantime, I’m also trying to write a book! Made this meme a little bit ago, to let folks know it’s coming, even though slightly later than originally scheduled. Would love to have you share, if you have time. Thanks so much!

And a double thank you for being so patient while I’ve been gone. I have one more Excerpt to get out today, and I can put #ExcerptWeek away until next time. So stay tuned, as I get things settled again. THANKS!


7 thoughts on “#ThatDarkestPlace Teaser & Catching Up

    • Thanks, Tess. I clean up a bit, then write a paragraph or two, then clean up some more, then write another paragraph. Not the best way to work at either job, but it’ll get better soon. Just finished patching the holes torn in the canvas top to our patio “gazebo.” It’ll last through winter, and we’ll replace in the spring. They’re only good for 2 years or so in this sun. Dry rot takes a toll.

      Onward!! Have a great weekend!


    • Thanks, Liz. I think it’s a pretty dramatic story, picking up where Finding Hunter left off, and sorting out the other two Painter brothers, one of whom was truly in a terrible spot at the end of FH. Hunter and Willow’s story was brought to a conclusion, but Jackson & Forrest were left with a lot to contend with. Those Painter boys! They just take over my mind, sometimes. 🙂

      I had planned to release this one by November, but hahaha. So much for those best-laid plans. I’ll be lucky to get it out in January, so I can’t wait to be done with this clean-up, and settle down to some long days of just writing, writing, writing.


    • Good! Now all you have to do is find the time to read Swamp Ghosts and Finding Hunter first. 😀 Easy, right? *snort*

      Thanks, Mae. I’m glad it intrigued you. Hope I’m doing the tale justice, because these boys deserve it. 😉

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