Digging Out From Under

Or I Should Be By Thursday, Anyway!

Making slow progress here, but slow progress is better than NO progress, right? I mean, there are tales of tortoises winning races with the slow and steady approach, after all. 😉

Just wanted to let you know that I will be gradually working my way back to my blogs, posting whatever I can squeeze in between the raking and cleaning, etc. And for those of you who were put on hold, #ExcerptWeek will resume on Thursday, giving the last of you exposure right through the weekend. So stay tuned for that.

Going to post a #MondayMeme shortly, just to make me feel like I’ve done at least a small post today,  and then it’s back to work for  me.  Will TRY to post my Tuesday Review on Bookin’ It, tomorrow, too, but no promises.

Have a great, HURRICANE-FREE day today, folks! (I’m enjoying an occasional check with the National Huricane Center, just to watch Matthew die a slow, lingering death. Sorry, Matt . . . you won’t be missed!)

As you were, folks! 🙂


9 thoughts on “Digging Out From Under

    • Sorry for the delay in responding, Wanda. Yay for us! We survived that steenkin’ storm!! 😀 Thanks for checking in, and continue to stay safe. Hurricane season isn’t over yet. 😦


    • The first day after the storm was 91 degrees here! I skipped the hot drink, and savored ICED TEA! 😀 Yesterday, we spent another long day cleaning up, however, the temps were about ten degrees cooler. Still warm, but bearable. And we’re ALMOST done. Mark’s going to be on the roof and in the attic today to see just how extensive the damage is. If it’s small, he can take care of it, and save us the $5000 deductible on our insurance. Wish us luck! 🙂


    • OH, believe me, I was way more than “a little” distracted during that storm. With winds of over 90mph, we may have missed the worst, but it was still plenty scary. I was watching a very old tree that I was sure would come down on top of us. Other large, healthier trees in the neighborhood did fall. But ours remained upright, and I’m SO grateful for that. We are still cleaning up debris and putting things back in order this weekend, but we’re almost done. I’d like my “regular” life back! 😀 Nice to hear from you. 🙂


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