9 thoughts on “#ThorsDaySmile

    • I was waiting for someone to say that. 🙂 He IS pretty unhappy. I can’t imagine taking one that little on a roller coaster. (What were they thinking?) Of course, I HATE them, myself. I swear, I would have the exact expression on my face, only it wouldn’t be nearly as cute.

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    • They have very strict height requirements on roller coasters, so he’s apparently tall enough, and I see little kids his size laughing their heads off on them, every time I visit a theme park. But this little guy obviously takes after me. I hate them beyond description. Plus, the motion sickness nearly kills me.(I get sick on a carousel!) I quit even trying a long time ago, and wait at the bottom for those braver than I.


    • Me, neither, Let’s. I laugh when I look at it, and then, I cringe. I really can’t imagine taking him on the ride, though obviously, he survived. (Or we’d all know about it, believe me.) And I suspect he begged to go. They ALWAYS do. The disappointment when they get turned down for height is amazing. Tantrums and heartbroken sobs galore. So you have to wonder what the rest of the story is. And I’d love to see the expression on the face of the little guy behind him. Ten to one, he’s laughing his head off. (Can you tell I’m a veteran of people watching at the roller coaster lines? I don’t ride them, but I see what goes on with those in line.)


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