Bluebird (of Happiness): A Poem about Names

I always love Caitlin’s poetry, and thought I’d share this with you today.


Inspired by the Silver Birch Press’ Same Name poetry, but tangential to the prompt of someone famous with the same first or last name. This other Caitlin isn’t a celebrity, but she’s still cool.

This is an Eastern Bluebird, but close enough. Image from WikiMedia by Ken Thomas. This is an Eastern Bluebird, technically.
Image from WikiMedia by Ken Thomas.

Bluebird (of Happiness)

There’s a Caitlin Stern who spells her name

the same

as I

(Or perhaps the reverse is true)

Her thoughts take wing

on the flight

of (western) bluebirds

She studied relationships and data

while I studied plot and synecdoche

Both of us fixed our eyes on the sky

(though hers sometimes disclosed

dive-bombing streaks of  territorial blue)

asked the endless why



And if her bluebirds beat with flesh and bone

Legs tagged

tracked wherever they roam

and mine brim with metaphor and simile

fletched with symbolism

wandering free

They both (I think) bring


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4 thoughts on “Bluebird (of Happiness): A Poem about Names

    • Me, too, Linda. (I’m planning to FINALLY format my eBook of poetry for print, soon, myself). Caitlin is very gifted and her works are always so original and interesting. Glad you liked it. 🙂 (You should check out her blog, too, when you have time.)


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