The Smell Of Cinnamon – October Writing Prompt with a difference.

If you will forgive me, I shall throw this prompt upon its head,

I rarely write prose or poetry, but I eat, sleep and live for books, so I found you three books all to do with cinnamon.

Cinnamon Roll Murder by Joanne Fluke, (Joanne’s books are all fun food themes in their titles)


April is a busy time for Hannah Swensen and her bakery; the warm weather makes folks in Lake Eden, Minnesota go wild for something sweet. When Hannah hears that the Cinnamon Roll Six jazz band will be playing at the town’s Weekend Jazz Festival, she’s more than happy to bake up a generous supply of their namesake confections to welcome the band to town. Before the festival even begins, tragedy strikes when the tour bus overturns. Among those injured is Buddy Neiman, the band’s beloved keyboard player. Buddy’s injuries appear minor, until his condition suddenly takes a turn for the worse – as in dead. Hannah’s no doctor, but she suspects that the surgical scissors someone plunged into Buddy’s chest may have something to do with it. Hannah isn’t sure just how she’ll unravel the mystery, but one thing’s for sure: nothing’s sweeter than bringing a killer to justice.

Cinnamon Toast and the end of the World by Janet E Cameron


Stephen Shulevitz remembers the end of the world. Two o’clock in the morning on a Saturday night in Riverside, Nova Scotia, when he realises he has fallen in love – with exactly the wrong person.

There are no volcanic eruptions. No floods or fires. Just Stephen, watching TV with his best friend, realising that life, as he knows it, will never be the same.

The smart move would be to run away – from Riverside, his overly dependent mother, his distant, pot-smoking father, and especially his feelings. But then Stephen begins to wonder: what would happen if he had the courage to face the end of the world head on?

Expecting To Fly (Cinnamon Girl #4) by Cathy Hopkins


India Jane’s under pressure from all corners

It’s decision time for India Jane: what subjects she needs to take, what career paths are open to her – and who she wants as her boyfriend.

On the one hand she feels that she’s standing on the threshold of her future, with hopes and dreams to fly with. On the other hand, the harsh realities of life mean that her dreams and the boys in her life never go according to plan!

10 thoughts on “The Smell Of Cinnamon – October Writing Prompt with a difference.

  1. I agree, Rosie. Nothing to forgive, here. Writing prompts are for those who like to/want to write. If you don’t write often, and don’t want to, what a great way to still take part in the prompts! I love it! And these books are making me hungry.

    Thanks for sharing them, Rosie, and for being so creative. Can’t wait to see what you come up with NEXT time! πŸ˜€


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