REMINDER: October Writing Prompt Challenge is Half Over

“Yoohoo? Anyone playing today?”

Okay, more than half over, but who’s counting? (Me, obviously). This is a reminder to join the fun and come up with something using this month’s prompts. Can be a poem, short paragraph, character description, essay, or a jumping off point for a longer work.

The prompts for the month are:

Candles or candlelight
The colors orange and/or black
The smell of cinnamon
A racing heart
A cry in the night.

And even though the prompts are seasonal thoughts/images, your creation doesn’t have to be.  Heading out the door now, but I hope when I come back, at least one of you might have something to submit. If not, you’re gonna be reading a lot more of MY work! You’ve been warned! 😀

4 thoughts on “REMINDER: October Writing Prompt Challenge is Half Over

  1. Okay, I hear ya Marsh! I didn’t want to hog the board, so to speak, since I was just a guest here on Friday, so I was going to post my ‘first-time attempt’ at fiction here on Monday. It’s in rough now, but I’ll attempt to get it into dashboard by tonight. 🙂

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  2. There was something strange about the barista. True, this was Japan but he was strange. Ordinary Japanese don’t display tattoos. They are considered vulgar and only circus folk and yakuza have them. I stepped to the service counter, grabbed a few napkins, and sprinkled some cinnamon on the steaming surface of my coffee. I love the smell of cinnamon, especially when mixed with the wonderful aroma of rich, strong coffee. I turned and faced the barista. He was so close that I accidentically spilled some hot coffee on his hand, causing him to drop the knife.


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