A Beautiful Image for the Weekend

Does this push your nostalgia buttons as hard as it does mine? 
It’s lovely, isn’t it?

I’ll be gone most of tomorrow, doing a small presentation locally. (Man, I love meeting new readers! Swamp Ghosts has opened a lot of doors for me!) I’ll be doing a PowerPoint program focusing on an overview of my four books, and comparing the differences involved in writing a series set in the North Carolina mountains and another set in the St. Johns River basin of central Florida. I’ll be contrasting settings and wildlife, main characters, plot lines, curveballs, and endings.

So, you guys have to hold down the fort while I’m away. If I missed replying to anyone tonight, I’ll try to catch you tomorrow. Have GREAT weekends everyone! And remember to stay happy. It’s so much more fun than the alternative!

9 thoughts on “A Beautiful Image for the Weekend

  1. Hope your presentation goes well.

    Question: Have any of your readers had problems posting Amazon reviews? One of my readers called and said he he tried three times to post a review of my “Miyuki, Harvard Girl” without success.


    • Eldon, I know Amazon is getting picky about reviews if they have any reason to think something’s amiss. Whether they will inform the person trying to post, I’m not sure of, but I know there are some reasons they won’t publish some reviews. One of them is if they suspect the poster is related to you. My daughter found out early on that she can’t review any of my books, and when I went exploring, sure enough, I discovered (even though her name isn’t the same) that they had seen a connection between us. (Gift giving at holidays and the like).

      Another reason could be if they can’t verify that the person bought a copy of the book. Sometimes the reviewer can get around that by stating right up front in the review that they were given a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review, which allows the potential buyers to discount the review if they want to. Other times, they just won’t allow it. But if you gave anyone a free download, for instance, they are aware of that, and the reviewer really has to make it clear that’s the case, or risk not being able to post.

      I’m not by any means suggesting that either of these is correct in your case, but they are examples of some of the things that can keep a review from being published. There are probably several more things I don’t even know about. I’ve read that reviewers can get banned from posting on amazon, and in extreme cases, even the author can get in trouble, too.


      • BTW, do you need me to send you another Author invitation to this blog? Posting your question under an unrelated topic means that not many followers will see it, and you might not get many answers. Starting a new topic would be much more effective.

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    • Ha. I LOVE the ginormous book, too.

      You know, I think Swamp Ghosts is developing a sort of cult following here in central Florida. (I’ll be like the local Rocky Horror Picture Show, hahahaha.) But the good news is, these people buy my other books, too, when they find out about them. And the even better news is, it’s SO much fun, meeting them, sharing my knowledge of the Florida wetlands and wildlife, and a few pictures from my Infamous Inspiration Board, for giggles. It’s all really fun.

      Now, I truly AM heading out. Lots of interruptions this morning, but finally, it’s time to get serious about my drive. Off to Google the address again, to refresh my memory, and this time, I’m SAVING it in my Garmin. 🙂

      Have a great day, Deb!

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